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25 Feb 2009
Fifth confrontation for Lotina against a Danish side, he already lost two games but never when his team played at home. Now the Basque asks for the Riazor’s support, while Swedish Pehrsson affirms that his team needs a strong mentality before the game.

The arrival of Magnus Pehrsson to Aalborg’s squad was not a pleasant thing for the fans and also for the media in Denmark, especially after former coach Allan Kuhn was able to keep the squad undefeated during twelve straight matches in all the competitions. That’s why the victory over Depor on the past week was a surprising thing, now everybody in the city is asking if Pehrsson, who is facing his first tie in a European competition, will be able to keep the streak.

Meanwhile Miguel ?ngel Lotina had coached teams against Danish opposition on four occasions. His RC Celta de Vigo won 2-0 at home and lost 1-0 away against Odense BK in the first round of the 2002/03 UEFA Cup, while he later guided RCD Espanyol to a 1-1 draw at Br?ndby IF on 30 November 2005 in that season's UEFA Cup group stage. The last confrontation against a Danish side was the 0-3 setback of the past week against AaB.

Depor’s coach talked with the press at the end of Wednesday’s training, he was affirming the match will have a high emotional component ?It is a very emotive game, we need to rise from a 3-0 and for that we need to hold on to positive feelings. The players must think of the 12-1 against Malta (World Cup qualifier for Spain) or the 3-0 of Milan over Liverpool. Let’s see if we all can think positively.?

Later, the Basque trainer made a new calling in order to enjoy from the fans’ support, ?We need to score two goals and the third will be achieved by the fans, which is something  for sure. If we would have noticed the anger and the reclaims from the public, this won’t be like this, people has started to cheer us up, to say to us that we can do it. We will leave everything on the pitch. If we die, at least we will die standing on our feet and fighting.?

Lotina also reviewed the situation with the players that are injured, ?Now we are hopeful with our chances of staying alive in UEFA. To achieve a comeback from a 3-0 is spectacular and rarely seen. Besides, we only have the basic, with Juanan we are 18. Fortunately, we are starting to see the light in the horizon in terms of injuries. Manuel Pablo will enter into the group for the next week, Riki will play a few minutes on Sunday, while Pablo Amo and Guardado are playing today with the B squad.?

Finally, the Me?aka-born trainer analysed once again the case of Omar Bravo, player that might leave the squad in the next hours, ?He suffered a blow today, but if we need him tomorrow, he will play. For me, I like to wait for the player in order to analyse these issues. He was not happy with his performance, because he is lacking continuity. In recent matches has was not feeling comfortable and now he thinks the best is to go to Mexico, to the national team and feel important again for the summer, he believes the best is to leave . If that is the best thing for him, is also the best for Deportivo. His behavior has been the one of a gentleman, and I am delighted with him, now I have to open the door."

AaB’s coach talked with reporters before the trip to La Coru?a. He was saying that his side needs to face the game with a strong mentality no matter it has a 3-0 advantage in the aggregate score, ?This weekend, we had a talk about what we need for this task: to take the match with calmness and with the needed mentality. In the trainings it has been shown that the players are fully focused on this fight. Mentally, I feel that we are absolutely clear.?

 As it could be expected, the Swedish manager is convinced that a key for the game is the performance at his defensive sector, ?I believe that we must build the team from behind with a good defense. We haven’t had the time for practicing the offensive game yet, but the players are so talented and it was pretty good last week.?

Neither is surprising what Pehrsson expects from Depor’s game at the Riazor, ?They will probably start with a good tempo, but we are prepared and know how to play. I also believe that there may be some opening spaces for the counterattack. We did a very good match before, and now we had also prepared on how we would succeed against Deportivo. We are playing with a lower defense than before, pressing hard and are very clear in our transitions with the ball.?

Pehrsson was also praising the current level of Swedish midfielder Andreas Johansson, man that was his team mate at Djurg??rden for three seasons, ?Andreas had a little slow start in January, but then we started practicing on grass, and he has found form. Against Deportivo, he was one of our best players. He has developed a lot since our times at Djurg??rden, now he is more complete, he was running as usual, but working much more as a hard defender and forward. A dream player to have in your team.?



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