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27 Feb 2009
Sadness and impotence after the poor result at the Riazor, Lotina was more upset due the injury of Bodipo than by the result. Meanwhile, Omar Bravo was denying the fact that he has asked his exit from Deportivo, this no matter that Lotina said it was the best for everybody.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was more upset for the new injury of Bodipo than for the defeat, ?I am really upset. That’s why I am extremely pissed off. The injury of Bodipo seems to be serious. Maybe he will be out for two months. I didn’t want to call him on the past weekend, but he said to me that yes, that no, that yes, that no. I saw he still was not ready, I picked him and now we are left without strikers. We have Lassad… and if Riki is not recovered… I am very upset.?

Later he was complaining for the ?bad luck’ of his team during the game, ?The tie was lost by ourselves, but it’s also true that we didn’t have luck with the referees. The goal of Omar was legal and their first goal came in an offside. If Ivanov would have been the referee at the Riazor, we would have passed. But they were wrong and we can’t do anything.?

However, the Basque coach assured that the main responsible for the elimination is the lack of concentration in his players, ?We lost the tie in the first-leg. We were fine. We went out with intensity and when we scored the first goal, it seemed we were alive. But we were distracted in a moment of euphoria. It is the same the system you are using, because two goals came in set-pieces.? Then he asked for apologies to the fans and said that ?We don’t have team to win the UEFA Cup, but enough to advance further in the competition.?

Finally, Lotina had some words for Omar Bravo, ?You have sawn how he is. He is missing a change of air, because he is not fine. It is a suffering for him to stay; he is not in conditions to yield at his level. He wants to leave, he has asked me for that and we need to open the door. A way to regain him is to see him leaving. He explained his motives. He wants to feel important and believes he can return later in the summer. He is not depressed, but feeling anguish, and he is not doing well.?

Then Omar Bravo talked with reporters, he denied that he told the coach that he was wishing to leave Depor, ?I have a contract until 2011 and my priority is Deportivo. There are rumours, and is normal, but I only think of been training with my team, which is Depor. I told the coach that surely an offer from another team would arrive, and that it can be valorised, but that doesn’t mean I told him I wanted to leave.?

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Valer??n was trying to explain the strategy of Deportivo in the game, ?There’s no much to say of the game. We started well, they were all well placed and we scored a goal. Their equaliser affected us a lot. We had the idea of making football by the sides, because we thought they would put a lot of people at the centre.?

El Flaco was also feeling sad because the team was not able to give a joy to the fans at the Riazor, ?Let’s see if we can give anything to them in the rest of the season. People have been cheering us until the end despite the final result was adverse to us.?

Filipe Luis was pointing to the physical effort accumulated throughout the season, ?We started to train before anybody else and maybe we are noticing this a little bit. We don’t have too much experience in Europe and this must help us to learn.?  Later the Brazilian said the squad must try to qualify once again to Europe, ?Lately we haven’t won in liga, but we neither lost. Now we must go to Soria for the victory, because all, fans and players, want to return to Europe.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was feeling sorry for the elimination of Deportivo, ?It wasn’t an epic night, in the beginning things were fine. The goal of Omar Bravo was legal and later, they turned back the score in just five minutes. We must congratulate Aalborg because they seized the opportunities and now we are wishing them good luck.?

At Aalborg, coach Magnus Pehrsson was giving his opinion about the game, ?We are very satisfied with the match, as we were expecting, they pressured a lot. They scored a goal that was fortunate and later we came back with three goals in a matter of five minutes, two of them in set-pieces. We are stronger in that aspect of the game, because we practice a lot. As soon as I saw they didn’t score in the first 25 minutes, it looked to me that things were at our hand.?





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