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28 Feb 2009
Lotina returns to Soria and faces Pacheta, a coach that’s just fulfilling his second game at Primera Divisi??n. Numancia’s trainer was saying that his team needs a win, while Depor’s manager is aware that the rival is a solid team at home.

Juan Jos? Rojo Mart?n ?Pacheta’ is an ex-player that has just made his debut as a professional coach during the past weekend. He made his career as a player at Burgos CF, Atl?tico Marbella and Merida UD, but it was at Espanyol where he was able to debut at Primera Divisi??n, then he joined Numancia and retired when the club earned its first promotion to Primera.

After a pause of three years, Pacheta joined the staff at Numancia and became the sporting director of the club. With him at the job, the club earned a new promotion to Primera Divisi??n, and the Burgos-born man was chosen as the substitute of Sergio Kresic after he was fired on the past week. This was the emergency solution chosen at the club after the team accumulated five straight defeats in liga. His lonely game as a coach occurred on last Sunday and he lost it at Osasuna (0-2), curiously he was also expelled after a discussion with the referee.

Meanwhile, this is going to be a special game for Miguel ?ngel Lotina, because the Basque trained Numancia in the past (1993-1996), actually it was the first place where Lotina was noticed by the media, because during the season 1995/1996, his Segunda B Numancia was able to beat three Primera clubs during the Copa del Rey tournament (Real Sociedad, Racing Santander and Sporting Gij??n).

Depor’s coach talked after Saturday training and before the trip to Soria, he started explaining why Fabril’s Chirri was included in the list for the game, ?We made a last-minute change in the list of picked men for the game, Chirri enters for Cristian  who is falling at the last second. I was hoping to have him at the squad for the game against Aalborg, but he has been unlucky and we hope that the problem will stay as a muscular contracture.?

Later the Basque coach expressed his happiness with the return of Pablo Amo, ?Those are good news for us, he has trained very well.? And explained the rest of cases with the injured players, ?Riki will be on the next week with us, I didn’t pick him now, because I don’t want to assume risks, maybe if I would take him, I would be putting him on the game. Let’s see if we confirm that Guardado will also be ready for the next game, and that if Manuel Pablo will be ready for Gij??n, those are good news too.? 

Once again, the coach talked about the elimination in UEFA, ?We are disappointed with the elimination in UEFA, and we wanted to go further. Everything was a reward for the work done by the squad and the fans during the past year. The Intertoto and the UEFA were pretty competitions for us, we allowed the debut of  our people in Europe, and now it’s time to make a solid second round in order to achieve one more time the qualification.?

The ex-Numancia coach had positive comments about his former club, ?It’s a solid team at home, and it had defeated tough teams. Outside home it has more serious problems. Right now, they are just a few points away from the permanence, and they want to take this game as a point of inflection, that’s why this is going to be a complicate match.? 

But the most polemic of all the issues occurred when Lotina talked about Omar Bravo, the Mexican striker said on Thursday that he didn’t want to leave, however Depor’s coach denied this and reassured that Omar is  the one asking for the door out, ?I forced him to go to Aalborg, because I didn’t have more strikers, but he didn’t want to go. I haven’t said to him that he has to go, he is the one telling it. Everything that he is saying is due the interest in the negotiation, surely things indicated by his agent in order to carry out with the operation.?

Numancia’s coach gave a press conference on Friday, he is aware of the importance of a victory and assured that his team is ready for the mission, ?We must win. The club and the fans are moving themselves in order to enjoy a great environment, and we must pay back that support making a solid game and achieving the victory.? He continued explaining the importance of a victory in this game, ?We must win or win. We have to propose and hook up the people and the team with a victory. If we achieve a win, the morale will raise a lot more, though we can’t be obsessed with it.?

Later the Burgos-born trainer confirmed that the squad only has two casualties for the game against Depor, ?Palacios (knee) and recent comer Lago Junior are the only casualties for the game. The rest could have an opportunity, because Sergio Ortega and Bellvis are already recovered from their problems. We have trained with a high pace during the week, and all the players at the squad deserve to be starters on Sunday.?  The coach didn’t want to confirm any lineup for the game, though he confessed that Antonio Guayre is not fit to play for ?seventy or eighty minutes? despite the Canarian is a player that transmitted ?good sensations? during last week’s defeat against Osasuna.

Pacheta won’t be able to follow the game from the grass, this after he was sent off during the past weekend, but for him, his absence won’t affect the performance of the squad during the game, ?The important thing is to  see the team assimilating the concepts, they have worked with intensity and they want the victory. Pablo Mach?n (his assistant) will be on the bench and I won’t be too far from him.?

Talking about Deportivo, the coach said that Numancia must be aware that any player at the rival’s squad could score the goals, this after he was asked about the lack of strikers at Depor, ?We are talking about a team that recently was the Champion in la liga, and you don’t forget that.? He also said that the defeat with Aalborg will only make Deportivo to arrive ?upset? to the game, while he said that he expects to meet a rival playing with three midfielders.



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