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02 Mar 2009
Everybody was content with the victory, but Lotina and some of the players were admitting that the level of football practiced by the squad wasn’t brilliant. The players also showed their concern about the plague of injuries affecting the squad.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was content with the result, but now with the performance of his squad, We won with just too little, in other away wins we played more nicely, like at Getafe or Sevilla (Betis). But we must understand the squad was too punished after the matchday in UEFA. From Thursday to today, we didn’t rest properly and there was not time for a physical or psychological recuperation. A player is not able to recover at a 100% level. The chances of suffering injuries are bigger and the muscles are not recovered. We noticed the casualties, and also the tireness?.

Later, the Basque coach insisted with the idea that his team is not at a good level, while he is hoping to recover some of the injured players, ?We aren’t fine, let’s see if we are able to recover people, also our philosophy and style. These three points are giving us a lot of tranquility in the table, let’s see if we are able to have a second round so good like as the first one. But everything passes through a good recovery of the squad, we aren’t like we were two months ago. We need to start playing good and to be recovered, because we are passing through a bad moment.?

Finally, Lotina had some words for the delicate situation of his former club, Numancia, ?They are now facing a tougher situation in order to be saved, but neither is different to the previous matchdays. I have taken charge of teams in that kind of situations, squads that were seven points under the safety. Here, at Los Pajaritos, it isn’t easy to win a game, and the team has to depend on that.?

Juan Rodr?guez, the scorer of the wining goal, was talking about his conquer, ?It’s not the role that I should have, but I know that during the season I will have opportunities, and if I enjoy of those opportunities, the better. Maybe we could have taken the match since the first minutes, but we didn’t have luck. We knew we would face a tough game, a complicate one against a Numancia that’s going until death in this second round. But we knew how to hold on, to have our chances and take the three points.?

The Andalusian midfielder was also hoping to see Deportivo ending the season in a European position, ?Now we must have both feet on the ground. We still have a lot of liga ahead of us and we are hoping to return to Europe during the next season. We have been competing during seven months and that means a lot of games, but we must continue working with the same hope.?

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia, who had a couple of key interventions during the game, was saying that Deportivo needed this result in order to forget the European elimination, ?The victory has been very important and is keeping us at the top positions, we needed this result in order to forget the elimination against Aalborg.?

Meanwhile, Julian De Guzm??n was feeling sorry due the plague of injuries at the squad, ?On this season we have faced a lot of games with the UEFA and the Copa Del Rey, but now we are only facing la liga and we need to focus. It’s a pity that we are having so many casualties at the squad and let’s see if we can end with this situation soon.?

Angel Lafita was among the best players of Depor in this game, he was commenting the play of the goal, ?Those are plays that you try. Sometimes the thing goes well and sometimes it doesn’t, but the important thing is that the goal arrived and that the victory is putting us at the top places.?

The Aragonian was also admitting that the game practiced by the squad wasn’t brilliant, ?We needed to win and we have fulfilled the mission. Our football wasn’t brilliant, because the pitch and the rival weren’t helping us, but we are content. We must keep dreaming, now we are fighting for a goal that seemed unreachable at the start of the season.?  

Antonio Tom??s was talking about his injury case, ?It’s a great upset for me, because I was playing a lot lately. It was a punctual thing on the game, I felt a lot of pain and I couldn’t continue. Now I must have patience and wait to have a new occasion to help the team when I am finally recovered.?

The other injured man in the game, Z? Castro, was also talking about the plague of injuries affecting Deportivo. ?We have suffered a lot of injuries lately, but we are carrying out with the games. It was very important to achieve the victory against Numancia after all that happened in UEFA. Now I just hope to be recovered soon and return to the squad.? 

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was emphasising the importance of the victory, ?The true is that these three points are very important, because in the end, it makes you look to the upper places, and now we are more able to reach the European positions. We must have in mind that on Wednesday there’s an important game in Copa Del Rey, with the possibility of seeing the seventh spot qualifying to Europe, but only if Sevilla is able to reach the final.?

At Numancia, coach Jos? Rojo Mart?n ?Pacheta’ said he was feeling screwed with the result, ?We are feeling sorry with the defeat and we can realize now that the Primera Divisi??n does not forget any error. I think my team was too anxious and too much precipitated during the game. I know we are facing a tough situation, but we still have chances for the salvation, if not, I would be the first to say it.?




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