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04 Mar 2009
Lassad Nouioui continues bringing positive sensations with his performance at the first squad, the French-Tunisian attacker talked to newspaper El Ideal Gallego and assured that he is feeling fine after spending five games with Deportivo’s senior team.

Q: From the outside it seems you are feeling very comfortable.
A: Yes, I am feeling very comfortable, happy with my team mates and with myself.

Q: Lotina said that there are players that grow up when they reach Primera Divisi??n. Is it your case?
A: (he laughs) I don’t know, but the true is that I am fine.

Q: With your example it seems that the jump from Segunda B to Primera Divisi??n is not so great.
A: To play at Primera is not easier than to do it at Segunda B, what happens is that is easier when you play with good players. It's easy to do it alongside Verd??, Valer??n or Lafita.

Q: How do you feel inside the changing room?
A: They have opened the doors to me and they behave very well.

Q: It is a shame that the goal hasn’t arrived yet. Is this thing generating anxiety?
A: No. I know that football is like this, one day you score and in the other you don’t, but that is not important, what is really important is to play. The goals will come.

Q: What happens is that people demands goals from the strikers.
A: Yes, it's normal. The attackers are always looking for the goals, but if you fail, you have to stay quiet.

Q: Well, we already see you quiet, because on the pitch we already saw you making combinations and other pretty stuff…
A: I play with tranquility. At the moment I am fine. We will see in a while.

Q: When you arrived at the club, one year ago, did you thought about what are you living now?
A: Yes, because the normal thing when you arrive to a B squad is to have the goal of been reaching the first team... This year is my case. I am happy. It is a dream.

Q: Why did you decide to bet on Depor?
A: Because my agent in Spain told me that Depor was looking for a striker, and because I feel attracted to the football practiced in la liga. I tried at the B squad and I felt very comfortable with the team mates and the coaches.

Q; People have compared you with Makaay. How do you take it?
A: Many people say that, but Makaay is a great striker. Hopefully I can do the same thing as he did at Depor.

Q: Have you thought about a celebration for the day in which you score?
A: For the moment I am not concern about that. I think of playing and that's it.

Q: What has Lotina said to you?
A: He said that I should be fine; that I have to continue like this. The coaches have congratulated me, Lotina and Ribera, also my team mates.

Q: Do you feel relieved after the last victory?
A: Yes because the UEFA has ended and if we can stay like this in liga, we can play that competition again.

Q: A pity that you weren’t registered in Europe for this season.
A: Yes, but hopefully next season we will play again the UEFA and I will be there.



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