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06 Mar 2009
Winger Pablo ?lvarez had a sincere interview at newspaper La Voz de Galicia. He admitted a renewal offer coming from Deportivo, and also that he is not happy due to his lack of participation on the season. He said he still has to decide where he will play since June.

Q: The club has offered you to renew for two seasons. You ask three, but your agent said that, beyond the duration of the contract, the decision will depend on the sporting subject. Is that correct?
A: I have to wait what happens by the end of the season. And then we will decide. I am grateful to Deportivo for the offer, because I want to continue. But things have to go slowly. To see how the season ends.

Q: Before your injury, you were a starter. After you returned, you weren’t...
A: Well, no. And everyone loves to play and to feel useful, and I that's what I want, and so I work every day. We need to think quietly about what will happen next season, because on this one, the things are not going as I would like.

Q: In the summer you talked with the coach. What did he tell you?
A: At the start of the season, I spoke with him and I told him that my contract was ending, and that for that reason, it was an important season for me, and that if the things would be as the previous year, I would prefer to go out [with Lotina, the player only performed in one liga game].

Q: Is it true that he promised you would play over thirty games?
A: I do not remember. But I talked with him at the time and I put things clear. I spoke with all sincerity and humility. At the end of the season we will se what has happened and then we will make a balance.

Q: But then, do you want to stay?
A: It is a pride to belong to this club and a pleasure to be with these players, men that in my opinion are very good, but I want to play. If I play, yeah I want to stay. But if not, no. Because it’s hard for me, tough.

Q: When you say playing, are you referring to be a starter or to have minutes no matter to do it coming out from the bench?
A: Look, right now I don’t remember the last match of the season in which I played. Well, yes, it was for two minutes [he talks about the game in liga against Villarreal on February 1, then he participated in both legs against Aalborg, the first one for the fully ninety minutes].

Q Whenever you go out to the pitch, you face the opponent, you send crosses, and you bring things...
A: Besides that no one can say anything to me regarding the training and my behavior, I think when I go out to the field, I'm doing things right, always giving the face. I think I could be doing a good season, but ultimately I'm not doing it.

Q: Maybe it affected you when the coach changed the system, as the wingers were removed?
A: I think I can play at several positions. Furthermore, there were several changes in the system. But the decision is taken by the coach and must be respected, and obviously there are always other options before me, but it was already said at the beginning of the season.

Q: Do you feel regrets since you forced yourself in order to be fit for the day of Sporting?
A: I shouldn’t have forced myself. I wasn’t at 100%. I tried because I was playing, it was a very special game for me and I was very enthusiastic. I tried the best for me and the team. But at that time, I should have been more selfish and not playing.

Q: You had to be replaced after a half an hour. Lotina was upset.
A: He shouldn’t. I did everything possible to play and he was aware of how I was. On the day of the game, he told me to not force the things during the training...

Q: Racing is coming now, another former team, place where you played 19 games in liga during the last year...
A: It is a strong team, supportive and very dangerous, though at home they are facing troubles to deal with the matches. Munitis and Zigic are not alone. It is a very complete squad.



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