06 Mar 2009
Pablo Amo finally returned during the visit to Numancia after nine month out due to an injury, now he sees the end of season as an opportunity to claim a place at the squad and also a renewal. The Madrilenian defender talked to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a and analysed his present and future.

Q: At the end, you finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel in Soria. Are you ready to absorb all of that now?
A: Sometimes the will is pushing you to force things. But, honestly, I'm fine, it is clear that I still don’t have the needed pace, others are more fit, but in the end the pace can only be gained with games, so I feel confident to lend a hand to the team, but there is no doubt that my pace is not the optimal one.

Q: You spent eight months out, it seems that your bad luck didn’t have an end.
A: It is a recurring theme, but when you get to see you in the list, I had the hope of any youngster and then all is forgotten. What moves us in the end is the head, and I want to continue enjoying of football and help the team, in this case in the remainder of the season to finish the great campaign that we are doing. Of course I would have liked to be here before, and there are many things that have happened and that I would have liked to have avoided, but it also helps you to grow and mature in a psychological sense.

Q: With all the injuries that you have suffered in your career, the psychological work has been enormous, did you ever thought of throwing the towel?
A: It's the most thankless and lonely thing in football, in the end what the players want is to play as children and if we lose that, there is nothing left, everything else is secondary. I am 31 years old, and still I have the will to fight, but with the pass of time the injuries undermine you, and so if your head fails, everything else, whatever you do, will not work, but if you're with enthusiasm, despite the fact the injuries are undermining you, is that you still have the most important thing to keep playing football, and in that aspect I'm at the top.

Q: Did you ever thought: ?why everything happens to me? or did you seek any medical explanation why you were suffering more injuries than the others?
A: At the level of my performance. I always tried to tie all the points, the multiple factors that influence in an injury and I try to control those at my hands. On the subject of the tendon, it was a poor support I made and I am now paying for that, but now it’s solved, so it’s time to touch wood, because it’s clear that perhaps I couldn’t control all the things, and was also having bad luck.

Q: Last year you made a great end of season, thirteen games still remaining in the calendar and you are ending contract, I think you are thinking of repeating the same end, right?
A: Just imagine the motivation, all you want to put. Besides the injury, if you add the contractual situation, that I an ending contract now and that I want to continue. Anything that will happen regardless of what the agent could works by his side, it is at my hand to have the possibilities as I play, according to my performance I will have the options and I am eager and confident. Hopefully, the coach, at least in these thirteen days, will have me available and I will respect whatever he decides, because the defense is playing very well.

Q: A pity to not stay alive in UEFA, because you would have more chances to play.
A: Yes, but it is what it is. I always say that we are very boring when we say that we should be looking to the present, to the next day, but in my case I can not be otherwise. Just to hold on to the thirteen matches, thirteen chances to prove that I'm good, I really want to continue and then we will see.

Q: Last summer it seemed done your exit to Zaragoza, just when you got injured. This year, with thirteen games remaining in the calendar, do you think in the renewal or to find a new life in another team?
A: All that will happen from here will depend on my performance. My head was already in the summer, when everything was talked about Zaragoza, in Deportivo and I’m still here. I've always said: I am very happy here and hopefully, within the possibilities that I could have with my performance, I will continue here, and if the club decides to not open that possibility, well football will continue and I will have to seek for a life.

Q: I understand that today, you don’t have that renewal over the desk
A: As of today, no.

Q: - Has Lotina said to you if you will have a chance, or if he would like to have you next year?
A: He hasn’t mentioned anything to me. He knows me, knows I have always been honest in the work, and he knows that I love to be here, so he doesn’t need to say anything. If someday I need to say something, I know I can get close to him, he is always open for that.

Q: You know that you will have competition in the thirteen remaining games... Piscu, Colotto, everybody is wishing to play.
A: That is very good for the group and in the end we all grow. Whenever a new one enters, the others try to not let the team mate to eat the toast, and I never saw that as something negative, only two can play, and I will always compete at the highest level.

Q: Thirteen games remaining in the calendar, but with much at stake, Lotina has already launched a warning to his mariners: ?Anyone who goes to sleep is going out of the starting eleven'?
A: The effort done by the team is admirable, the numbers of the last year were already good and on this one we are close to surpass them. What we can not allow is to down the arms. If the team is fighting for the UEFA at this stage, is because it deserves it.



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