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06 Mar 2009
Aythami Artiles and ?lex Berganti?os are having a big and important participation at X?rez, both youngsters were loaned for the present seasons and both are brining positive results. Lotina already said that he is counting with them for next year.

The present season has been very positive for Aythami Artiles, the Canarian central defender is shinning at X?rez, club where he already disputed 23 games and scored 4 goals. The same can be said on ?lex Berganti?os, player that, no matter his age, already completed 19 presentations at Segunda Divisi??n. Both talked to newspaper Xornal De Galicia about a possible return to Depor, ?I think I already progressed, and I’m ready for Depor? Aythami said. ?Here I played games against teams that are from Primera, like Zaragoza or Real Sociedad, so I think I am ready to make the jump? ?lex added.

Lotina already said in public that both youngsters will probably return to Depor for the next season, something that ?lex waits with impatience, ?Though I was picked in the past, I never debuted with Depor at Primera, and I will like to do it on the next season.? However, the Galician midfielder will see with good eyes a possible continuity at X?rez, ?My first option is Depor, because is the team of my life and of my city. But if I can not stay, it won’t be bad to continue at X?rez, club that’s treating me really well.?    

Similar are the ideas of Aythami, ?The important thing is that I already fulfilled to see Lotina changing the idea he had about me. I now hope X?rez will achieve the promotion to Primera, it will be something incredible to visit them with Depor on the next season. It’s the best can could happen. I hope I will be able to fulfill my dream of playing with Depor at Primera and at Europe. I follow the team a lot and I think they can achieve that, though the competence is hard because there are a lot of teams involved.?



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