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09 Feb 2006
Deportivo failed in their mission of achieving a positive result in Montjuic. Two doubtful penalties and a late goal of Pandiani were the decisive plays on this game. Depor controlled the actions, but Coloccini's red card in the second half changed the scenario. Now the Galicians need to find the victory in a place in which they are suffering a lot recently: Riazor.

As it was expected, Caparr??s send a cautious formation with Coloccini and Duscher in midfield, Andrade returned to the starting lineup after he surpassed his ankle problems, while the duo Arizmendi-Rub?姊 Castro started has the offensive couple for Depor. In Espanyol the big surprise was the presence of De La Pe?帶 on the bench, instead coach Lotina preferred the combination between Luis Garc?苔 and Walter Pandiani.

Although both coaches were expecting to see a cautious game, the first minutes were frenetic. Jofre had the first chance of the night with a shot that was stopped by Molina just seconds after the start. Two minutes later Arizmendi fell down to the grass and the referee allowed the penalty, it was a very doubtful call of Medina Cantalejo. Rub?姊 Castro scored from the penalty spot and Deportivo took the advantage in a promising start.

Pandiani appeared a couple minutes later with a shot that passed inches away from the post, the reply of Depor was an action that ended with three players against the goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz, but Rub?姊 failed to score and the young keeper sent the ball to a corner-kick. The next minutes were tedious, the rhythm of the game was interrupted with several fouls and own mistakes committed by both sides.

Espanyol was missing  the presence of De la Pe?帶. Without organisation, the Catalans were suffering from a lack of ideas in order to reach Molina. The Galicians were doing their game and waiting for a new opportunity to score, Rub?姊 was the most dangerous man of Depor and a new shot made by him was cleared out by Gorka just when the second goal seemed to arrive. The first half ended like its started: with emotion in Depor's area. Pandiani sent a powerful shot that hit the post,  it was the most clear opportunity for Espanyol.

Caparr??s sent Diego Trist??n in order to replace Arizmendi and the modification started to give good results. Firstly, the Sevillan striker received a pass from Rub?姊 that ended in Gorka's hands, later an assistance made by Trist??n was received by Rub?姊, but a late effort of the Espanyol's keeper ended in a new corner for Depor. But the things changed in a couple of minutes, a corner-kick of the home side was supposedly handed by Andrade and Medina Cantalejo allowed another doubtful penalty. Luis Garc?苔 equalised the game.

Two minutes later Coloccini saw a red card for a hard tackle against Jofre. Deportivo was dominating the first minutes and suddenly, the scenario changed with Espanyol's goal and the expulsion of the Argentinean defender. The reaction of Caparr??s was immediately and he sent Sergio to replace Rub?姊 in a intent to recover the balance in midfield. Meanwhile, Lotina introduced De la Pe?帶 for Armado S??, the Catalans knew that Depor's goal counts as double and they were trying to achieve the win that would give them the advantage in this series.

The Catalans were in a better position and they searched the winning goal with a greater effort, this time they were commanded by De la Pe?帶. Just when the game was ending Walter Pandiani appeared once again to give more pain to Deportivo, De la Pe?帶 sent the ball to the box and el rifle received it after several rebounds, then he sent a shot that passed between the legs of one defender. There wasnt enough time to react and the game ended with the joy of the home side.

Deportivo failed to achieve a positive result in Barcelona, now the Galicians need a victory at the Riazor in order to advance into the final. A 1-0 win will be enough, but Caparr??s' team must be careful since a new goal of Espanyol will complicate the desired qualification.

Espanyol: Gorka Iraizoz - Mois?孟 Hurtado, Lopo, Jarque, Domi - Costa, Armando S?? (De la Pe?帶 57'), Juanfran, Jofre (Coromina 71') - Luis Garc?苔 - Pandiani.
Deportivo: Molina - Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Juanma, Capdevila - V?苞tor (De Guzm??n 81'), Coloccini, Duscher, Munitis - Rub?姊 Castro (Sergio 60'), Arizmendi (Trist??n 45').
Goals: 0-1: (4') Rub?姊 Castro (pen), 1-1: (56') Luis Garc?苔 (pen), 2-1: (89') Pandiani.
Referee: Medina Cantalejo. He showed yellow card to Lopo (4') and Gorka (37') from the home side and to Arizmendi (19'), Munitis (43'), Capdevila (43'), Duscher (45'), Andrade (56') and V?苞tor (70') from Deportivo. Coloccini was sent-off (61').
Venue: Montjuic (16,250)

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