12 Mar 2009
Andr?©s Guardado is wishing to return, the Mexican winger talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and assured that he is already recovered from his physical problems. He also talked about the situation with Omar Bravo and the national team of Mexico.

Q: Can you measure your desire to return?
A: Ufffff! A lot.

Q: Against Racing Santander, Lotina discarded you, but he said that he hopes to see you return against Sporting. Are you ready?
A: Hopefully it might be on Sunday. Let’s hope is will happen this week, but it appears that I will reappear against Sporting Gij??n. Every day I am feeling better. Obviously, I can not say that I’m at a 100% level, because after an injury you can not say that, but during Monday’s training, I felt fine. I am waiting to return and resume an optimum level to help the team.

Q: Before the stress fracture on your left leg suffered in Barcelona, on January 17, you were suffering a stress injury on the right tibia, and you even planned to stand off for six weeks. Are you recovered from both legs?
A: Yes, from both. Within the injury, the good thing was that we had time to recover from both problems. The issue of the right tibia is now fully recovered, but obviously we should hope it won’t strike us there, because it could happen again. But now I have forgotten it, and I'm more concerned about being healthy on the other leg, which was where I suffered the tear.

Q: With you, the team started the plague of injuries. Your were the pioneer...
A: [He laughs] On Sunday, after Lopo's injury in the match against Racing, we were talking about that with my team mates. We were saying that since my injury, at the Camp Nou, a sniper was following us everywhere. It is following us at each field, in each match one man is falling. We take it as a joke because things are going well, because if they were wrong ... seriously, the true is that we have had very bad luck with injuries in recent months. I hope we can stop this, and for the last ten or five games, when we will be playing for the UEFA places, we should be healthy and available for the coach.

Q: The amazing thing is that despite these casualties, the team is still up. Are you surprised?
A: -Despite the injuries, the good thing is that the team is alright, already with 42 points, and we are all very excited. It is spectacular the pace we are enjoying, and we want to continue there, staying at the UEFA places. Twelve games are remaining and hopefully we will still there, that's the goal now.

Q: If during the pre-season they tell you that at this stage of the campaign, the team would be with 42 points, you would not believe it...
A: No, of course not. Since the end of the first round, we were saying we were over the schedule. We finished with 30 points, a very good figure. The best thing is that we are keeping this pace, aided with a little luck, no matter the injuries.

Q: Coinciding with the break in la liga, Mexico will play two qualifying matches for the World Cup. Costa Rica (March 28) and Honduras (April 1). Will you be there?
When the injury occurred, the first thing I thought was that I wouldn’t be able to play an important game for the qualification, the first game with the United States, which in the end we lost. To lose some games with the national team is something that screws me. I would love going with Mexico, and more since we are in the middle of a process for the World Cup. I am very excited with the 2010 championship, and hopefully we can be in those two matches, and, above all, to win those two games.

Q: They say that in Mexico, the national team is a matter of state, as in Argentina...
A: When the national team plays, or when something has to do with the national team, everyone is in, everyone gives its opinion, and all the people think they know. It is an incredibly controversial. When something happens in the national team, it is analysed across Mexico. Even who doesn’t know about football is giving its opinion. It is something that one, as a player, try to stay out. Now it come a tide of criticism, of arguments, that if the style of play practiced by Eriksson is good or not, that if the players do this… What we want now is to end with these controversies through good results.

Q: Have you already spoken with Omar?
A: I could not talk to him yet. Obviously, I know how he was in his first game, but nothing more.

Q: Failing to understand the dimension of the national team, it might be that we don’t understand that Omar was going to Mexico because he wants to play with Mexico...
A: Maybe. I, at the place of Omar, would have done the same. In Mexico, there’s a lot of criticism for the players that are going to Europe and don’t play in their teams, as was the case of Omar or others. It criticized a lot, because those men, not matter playing in Europe, they have no activity, and for that reason people say the better thing is to play with the ones that are there. I think Omar has gone more for that. If you put me in his place, I would have done the same, because in order to be in the World Cup, you need to play regularly. He wants to be next year in South Africa and this can only be achieved playing many minutes, and doing the right things at any team.

Q: Moreover, the place of the number 9 is free in the national team...
A: Yes. We have missed a striker lately, particularly since Borgetti left the team, the top scorer in the history of the country, and I believe that Omar may be right if he’s at the top.

Q: Will he return in the summer?
A: You must ask Lendoiro.

Q: And Lotina..
A: There are many factors to see a player at any team.



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