12 Mar 2009
Sunday’s game will be special for central defender Pablo Amo, because the Madrilenian is returning to the club where he grow as a player (1997-2002). Amo talked to newspaper Xornal De Galicia and analysed his past, including his incursion as a basketball and volleyball player.

Q: Your career has been plagued by injuries. Now you just overcome one more. Did ever thought about throwing the towel?
A: No. It is that I always loved to compete at any sport. I liked a lot basketball when I was a kid, and I was close to sign for Estudiantes when I was 15.. I was not a bad player. I was the leading scorer in Madrid with my school team, but I broke my elbow and I had to quit. It was a very hard summer, because it was a very difficult age. But I ended overcoming that, as my injuries.

Q: So, you started playing football late...
A: No. I remember that I got to compete in the same weekend in football, basketball and volleyball. I was a kid that was very active as you can see.

Q: How were you in volleyball?
A: It was the worst of the three sports, although I wasn’t so bad. It is a sport that I love. A friend of my brothers, Felipe, played in the Spanish national team. He even played with Rafa Pascual. Hence the love I feel for the sport.

Q: But in the end you stayed with football, why?
A: It is difficult to explain, but when many people go every weekend to the stadiums, to watch their team, it is for something. Football is a great feeling. It is something very special. I chose it at the time and I would do it again.

Q: But if you had signed for Estudiantes, perhaps you would have been devoted to basketball in a professional manner. Don’t you think?
A: It is very likely, yes. Anyway, I think that we, the professional athletes, if they explain us the rules and put us in a field, we would be fine at any sport. The important thing is that you like to compete.

Q: We focus on the present. Are you ready to play for 90 minutes?
A: I am confident, but I don’t know if I have the pace to perform for 90 minutes. In any case, the coach will know how to use me, though I'm eager.

Q: On Sunday you go to Gij??n for the first time as a player of Deportivo in Primera...
A: Surely it will be a nice match for me. I played at Sporting for many years, and although some time has passed, I keep very good memories of my time in Asturias.

Q: Your contract ends in June 30. Are you worried about your future?
A: No. We always say the phrase that we should be thinking about the next game, so imagine in my case, I have spent the whole year without playing. However, my desire is to continue at Depor. Not just for the football issue, but because I am very comfortable in A Coru?a. I'm from Madrid, but here there is more quality of life than in the capital.

Q: Have you thought about been settled in A Coru?a after your retirement?
A: It will be a difficult decision. I've grown accustomed to the north. But my family is in Madrid, so I guess it will be between the two cities.

Q: They are not that far ...
Of course not. Furthermore, the AVE (high speed train) is about to come... (He laughs).



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