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16 Mar 2009
The papers in Galicia emphasised the errors in the first two goals plus the lack of aim in the first part as the causes for the defeat. The work of referee Rodr?guez Santiago was also criticised due to the penalties that were whistled. In Gij??n, the media is happy with its team.

La Voz de Galicia: Five minutes to deplete Depor. Deportivo suffered its second defeat of the second round after five minutes of an inexplicable distraction in which Sporting endorsed two goals. In a feast of football, El Molin??n became a small Riazor, so far from La Coru?a, but so close to the blue and white heart. Sporting played by waves, but it was enough to topple a fragile opponent who sinned in its most praised facet: the defensive seriousness.

Depor was a squad that jumped to the pitch looking like a chameleon. The lineup was something like a pure 4-4-2, with Lafita and Guardado opened to the bands and with Verd?? accompanying Lassad in attack. But it didn’t last to disguise into a 4-2-3-1, with the Catalan, who in recent games seems to be missing the ball, embedded in the playmaking function. The visitors set the pace from the start. They spent much of the first part around the opposite goal, but they forgave and eventually they paid the price. Their clarity of ideas (ball to the sides and rupture of Lassad to open holes in the Asturian defence) allowed Depor to stand up front without complexes. The problem came with the last pass.

Sporting reflected its improvement with two consecutive goals in a sigh. It was a mental distraction that can end the aspirations in the Tour, inflicting painful defeats or that just end with the dream of Champions League. In the first goal it failed the least expected: Aranzubia. Shot from the edge of the area from Carmelo, the keeper wasn’t able to block it, and Luis Mor??n just had to chip the ball to the net. The locals opened a gap with an inexistent penalty converted by Barral after an alleged foul of Lopo over Carmelo.

Riki returned the hopes for a moment as he forced an absurd penalty transformed by Sergio and that brought delirium to the blue and white fans, public that was at the side ?attacked? by Depor in the second part. Jose Angel's goal in a tremendous free-kick gave to Sporting a definitive advantage. Not even the appearance of Riki, in spate, arranged the face of the team, side that threw the game in five minutes.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: Depor forgets and clouds the day. One half for each team, but with some differences. In the first, Depor was the best side and had many opportunities to get the lead, almost all at them at the exit of a corner-kick or a lateral free-kick. In the second, however, the goals from Sporting gave wings to the Asturian team and spread bewilderment at the blue and white squad, which for many minutes lost its place and played with more heart than head. Depor went from more to less. In the first part, it felt comfortable giving up to play by the centre and spreading the game to the wings, trying to widen the field to search for the crosses from both sides. Sporting barely disturbed, it didn’t even give a sense of danger, and that was seized by the visiting team as they searched the goal of Lafuente. Without making a brilliant football, Depor was installed at the opposite side basing its game in the strength and courage, qualities that disappeared at the beginning of the second forty-five minutes.

After the break, Sporting encountered two gifts, the first from Aranzubia and the second from Santiago Rodriguez, and that deranged Depor. It often passes to the Galician team whenever they are losing a game. And that taking in mind the squad was coming from a comeback against Racing Santander. At El Molin??n, the machinery of the blue and white team again gave a spark when the rival was ahead in the scoresheet. It was as Lotina’s men were blocked. They lost the order and tactical rigor of the first half to appeal to the epic putting plenty of heart and little head. Too many long balls, and less combinative football. In addition, the visiting coach improvised allowing the entry of Pablo ?lvarez as a playmaker and leaving Juan Carlos Valer??n aside until the final moments. The match was crazy. It needed a break, but nobody came to bring it. On the contrary, it was a constant back and forth, with great pace from both teams. Sporting, through counterattacks, and Depor accumulating a lot of people at the opposite pitch. Even a central defender as Lopo became almost a striker for the last minutes.

Before traveling to Gij??n, Lotina meditated to play with his two available strikers: Lassad and Riki. Finally, he opted for giving continuity to the Tunisian. The Madrilenian entered in the second part. They barely were over the grass at the same time, just for eight minutes, because then the ex-Fabril was replaced by Pablo ?lvarez. The coach opted to play with specific wingers, with Lafita on the right and Guardado on the left. The Mexican reappeared after his injury at the Camp Nou. He put will, as usual, but still lacks the spark that he had before his muscular problem. Lafita was much more participatory. Juan Rodriguez returned to play at his site, the double pivote, Sergio to help support the backbone of Depor. Eduardo Cobas.

Xornal de Galicia: Deportivo controlled yesterday’s match. Without an impressive football, the Galician team was dominating the game, the ball possession was for the visitors and it sought for the goal in an orderly manner. However, Sporting received two unexpected gifts at the beginning of the second part, which changed the script. Aranzubia failed and then a mistake from the referee after he whistled an inexistent penalty for Sporting. It served for nothing all the work done by Deportivo during the previous minutes to the goals. Anyway, the team reacted and tried to equalize the match until the last minute of it.

In yesterday’s game, there was a move that was repeated on an ongoing basis. In all the stationary plays, Sergio was sending a cross and a player of Deportivo was heading the ball inside the area of Sporting, always with a sense of danger. Although none of these actions became goal, it is important to see the team creating those occasions. Together with the reaction after allowing the goals from the rival, this is the most positive aspect of the encounter. The only point that should be improved is the definition at the rival area, but the goals will come. Eduardo L??pez ?Beci’.

AS: Yesterday, El Molin??n enjoyed a full afternoon of football. And it was full, because it lived a second half of madness, one of those that explain why Sporting has never draw a game on the season. Full, because the controversy was present with three penalties. Full, because both teams were in pursuit of the victory as their only goal. Full, because El Molin??n was a real party with 3,000 fans of Deportivo that gave a special color to the stands with an environment that makes this sport a little bigger.

Sporting's victory was based on several factors, in its own successes and the mistakes of the rival, like the defeat of Deportivo took exactly the contrary causes. The first pillar to explain why the three points remained in Gij??n was the missed opportunities of Depor during the first half. Thus, Preciado dropped his ships intact to the rest, and after that, the errors continued having a protagonic role. The first and largest one on the afternoon was the one of Aranzubia. The Basque is fulfilling a great season, but he paid an expensive price as he was too confident with a harmless shot that he didn’t block. Luis Mor??n, very attentive, said 'thank you' for the gift and accepted it.

Depor hadn’t the time to assimilate the hit, because shortly after it was the turn for Santiago Rodriguez, who invented a penalty of Lopo over Carmelo that Barral later didn’t waste. In just over three minutes, Lotina’s team was losing 2-0 without knowing how. Until that time, the danger was of them, Aranzubia wasn’t suffering, and the battle in midfield was exciting because M?chel, Matabuena, Juan Rodriguez and Sergio were fulfilling their work to perfection.

But Sporting is not by any accident a team that doesn’t draw, and good example were the most exciting three minutes of the match. Sergio scored first on a penalty committed over Verd??, which put Depor back in the fight. With almost no time to enjoy it, Jos? Angel appeared with a shot that defeated Aranzubia from outside the area, a left-foot effort with quality and heart to put out again Lotina’s side.

The afternoon, sunny and pleasant, was for the penalties, Santiago Rodriguez re-opened the game with the third on the night. Riki was the victim and the executioner. Eight minutes ahead of a vibrant second half, full of goals, mistakes, successes and controversies. Depor became the rage, yearning to give something to eat to the 3,000 fans that went to Gij??n, but with Sporting there are no draws, just wins or defeats, and yesterday it was time to lose and end six matchdays unbeaten due to own and others' mistakes. Luis de la Cruz.

Comercio Digital (Gij??n): Finally, it was the best game on this season at El Molin??n. The Asturian team suffered first against the wind, it joined later to the tribute to football, but insisted in its suffering with two penalties as absurd as unnecessary, even though the end was happy for the local fans. The Galician team tried to surprise Preciado’s side with the aerial game. In the first warning, Lafuente shone stopping the header from Colotto. It wasn’t difficult for the visitors to find a way to finish the plays, but they suffered a lack of aim and didn’t take advantage of the deficiency had by Sporting in this matter.

In the second half, things changed. With the wind in favor and a squad very involved in the work, the Rojiblancos had more approaches to the area and scored the goals. Final and joy. Sporting added another three points of gold. It remains the anecdote that Lotina can not defeat Preciado. He never defeated him. Yesterday, the Cantabrian worked well, despite the problems by air. This is the right way to the permanence, which still needs to be fought. Manuel Rosety.



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