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16 Mar 2009
Lotina and the players were feeling sorry for the defeat, especially because Depot lost a good chance to solidify its European position. Both Lotina and Preciado had complains about the work of referee Rodr?guez Santiago.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina, was pretty upset with the performance of referee Rodr?guez Santiago, as he pointed his ?errors’ during the game as the cause for the defeat, "Three penalties were whistled, the clearest one, the one over Lassad when the score was still 0-0, wasn't whistled, and if it would, I'm sure the result would have been different. I don’t understand these things, when I see something and the referee and the assistant don’t. Those are things that happen. Referees, besides doing a good job, must be ?toreros’ (bullfighter) in some stadiums, and this is one of those.?

However, the Basque coach recognised that Sporting deserved to win the match, ?Sporting won well and there’s nothing more to say. They have the pressure at their side and had the support from the public at their side, Sporting owe the major part of the three points to its fans. They came to this game emotionally excited after the win in Pamplona, and the public supported them during the game.?

Finally, Lotina was explaining what were the biggest errors committed by Deportivo during the match, ?In the first half we were too much precipitated, we should have touched the ball with more effectiveness and maybe we missed more clearness in the finalization of the plays. When the rival scores the first goal, we usually lose something, we turn into a disordered team, and we must correct that day by day. But in a general sense, I’m content for the intensity that we showed at every moment.?

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia was explaining his error during the first goal of Sporting, ?It was a ball that was coming too strongly, maybe I was too confident and it rebounded in my chest. Besides, I lasted too much to react.?

Later the Basque was feeling sorry for the defeat, ?I feel a lot of anger for been losing, those three points would have left us in a very comfortable position.? Finally, he was criticizing the penalty awarded to the locals, ?It was a very doubtful penalty, and Lopo said in the changing room that he didn’t touch the player.?

Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Valer??n was commenting that Depor is in a good line despite the result, ?It is clear we should have liked to carry out with the game, but I believe we still fine, going by the positive road, besides we can’t win in all the stadiums. What we need to do now is to win the three points (against Betis), result that will help us to keep the team up there.?

El Flaco was also explaining what happened in the game, ?The first half was very equal, I believe we had enough chances and what happens is that, it’s very difficult to overcome the team that strikes first. We did the merits to not lose the game. Maybe the first goal left us a little hurt, maybe the team didn’t react well, but with the 1-2 in the scoresheet, we thought we could tie and even win the game, but there wasn’t enough time.?

Winger Pablo ?lvarez, who was returning home, was also expressing his sadness for the defeat, result that’s living the squad out of Europe, ?For me, it hasn’t been so good because we didn’t achieve the victory, however, it was exciting to return to El Molin??n.?

?The Shark’ was saying that Deportivo wasted too many chances, and that this fact caused the defeat, ?We enjoyed of opportunities throughout the game, with the result against us, we harassed the opposite goal until the end. We have demonstrated that we were coming for the three points, but we didn’t have the luck to win.?

Andr?s Guardado was feeling content since he was returning alter his injury case, "I feel good since I’m returning to the pitch after so long. I hope in a personal aspect to reach a good level. I noticed to have spent so much time sidelined, especially with such intensity in games like today’s one. The minutes will give me the pace."

The Mexican was also appointed that Depor missed too many chances in the game, "The result was not with us, we had the chance to take the lead through set-pieces, but we weren’t conclusive. The goal remains the same: to get into the UEFA. No one can fall down after a defeat like this. We must go home and continue on this line. "

On Monday, Juan Rodriguez said after the training that he was feeling sad for the fans that traveled to Gij??n, ?They deserve ten points and they deserved the victory. We just missed the same determination of previous games, because we had more opportunities than them, it’s just that we didn’t seize those chances. Those were three important points that would have left us in a pretty position.?

At Sporting, coach Manolo Preciado was feeling really content with the result, ?These are three important points, we made a great game against a solid rival, one that have big players and with an important aerial game.? He also had complains for the work of the referee, ?He has made a brave work, whistling two penalties against the local team. The second is almost never whistled. ?




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