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23 Mar 2009
Complains and more complains, that’s the general feeling of a result that it is bad for all the sides. Lotina was complaining of the kids that pass the ball, Chaparro of an offside that wasn’t whistle, and Riki of a penalty that wasn’t called.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was feeling sorry because his team was jammed during the game, ?The match has been a little weird, we started quite well, and I don’t know if the heat affected us. Verd?? had a very clear occasion, but we started to leave too much space between defense and midfield. In the second half, we rectified that problem, but we were stuck and missing fluidity.  We missed to end the plays, to have more determination and to harm Betis."

The Basque had also his complains about the kids that were passing the balls at the stadium, "We are the most sporting team in Spain, because in their goal, winning by 1-0, we gave the ball to Ricardo really quickly. In other pitches the kids last a lot in order to give back the ball. The players were complaining about it. I don’t like cheating, but until a certain point, we need to talk about those details.?

Finally, Lotina assured the long season is starting to affect his squad, while he assured that Depor needs a ?big attitude’ in order to achieve the European goal, "The team knew the importance of the match and we were not relaxed, what happens is that we have had a season filled with stress, and now we have a break ahead of us and it’s going to be phenomenal. The attitude has to be big if we want to achieve something important, and we are not going to change. We are going to have that attitude, of course, and anyone missing that will not be in this team."

Striker Riki was complaining because in the play in which Verd?? missed a big opportunity, a clear penalty was committed over him, ?It was a clear penalty and the referee should have whistled that, maybe the referee allowed the play to continue, but if the action doesn’t end in goal, he should call the penalty. Sometimes the referees give you some things and in others they take things away from you?.

Later the Madrilenian was explaining what happened during the encounter, "We started the game well, and we were almost with a 2-0, close to sentence the things. Then they tied the things with a good combination. The point tastes little to us, but the work done was good. We will work to improve for the next game".

Midfielder Juan Rodr?guez was appointed that Depor missed freshness during the match, ?The team hasn’t been as good as we wanted. We didn’t have the needed freshness in order to finalize the occasions. Besides they have a good counterattack, with four players in attack that are very fast and they surprised us.?

Meanwhile, Andr?s Guardado was admitting he is not totally fit after been out for two months, ?I felt better, especially during the second part, I had more contact with the ball, but I can not give clear passes as I did before, and I’m angry for that. I feel I’m going from the bottom to the top, and these two games I will play with my national team will come very well to catch the needed pace.?

Daniel Aranzubia was explaining the play in which he launched a long ball that ended in Depor’s goal, something he has tried before, "There is no secret. It is to have a little confidence in the way you strike the ball. Other goalies do not trust in sending long passes, but I feel trained for that and when I see that a striker is just up there, then I attempt to pass the ball to him. I always have done this. Everybody has its own style and it is something I do habitually.?

Right-back Laure is now aware the Champions League is more difficult to reach, but he still trusting in the chances of reaching the UEFA, ?The Champions is now more complicated due to this result, but I believe we should be entering to the UEFA.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was admitting the draw was a fair result and that both teams had enough chances to secure the three points, ?The result is fair, and any side could have won. This is just one more point added and we must assume it like that.?

At Betis, coach Francisco Chaparro was complaining for the offside that wasn’t whistle in Depor’s goal, "I think there has been a time in the first part when Deportivo was creating danger against us really easily, but I either think the goal was offside. Later the game entered into a phase of equilibrium, and we had our own occasions and we could have score more goals, besides the chance of Sergio (Garc?a). The results haven’t been favourable. We are one point above relegation. We need to face the game with Numancia with all the wisdom and will."

Achille Emana, the best man at Betis, was saying the team has to work hard in order to achieve the permanence, ?To work and that's it. We have to work hard and go out to win the next game. We have failed many goals other days, and today it was the same. The only word we can say is working and save the club".

Brazilian Ricardo Oliveira was also feeling discomfort with the draw, "The game has had good and bad moments. As far as possible, we have had opportunities to win it, but we have forgiven. Now we are going out of here with a point that we can’t say is useless, but we are in a delicate situation."




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