28 Mar 2009
?ngel Lafita had a conversation with newspaper El Ideal Gallego, the Aragonian was targeting Europe as the new goal for the season, while he also talked about his future. He admitted that Depor and him can do nothing if Zaragoza wants to fulfill his buyout clause.

Q: Where do you see the team within ten matchdays?
A: Well; I hope that ending up in Europe. It’s the hope that we all have, both players and fans, and I think it would be nice to keep that hope until the last game of the season. It will be exciting.

Q: So, as Lotina said, would you sign to be playing the last European card in the last game?
A: Hopefully, yes, that we will play for that here against Barcelona. That would mean that we’re alive and that we haven’t fall down. It is very important, but for that we must go game by game, because if you think of the ten games that we have to play until the end, usually, things end badly and the counts end wrongly, so let's go match after match and hopefully, we will play for everything against Barcelona and depending on ourselves.

Q: People even speak of Champions League. Is that feasible?
A:  We must be realistic. It is normal to have the dream of entering to the Champions. We are the first to have that, but we must be realistic. We are going for the UEFA, which is not easy, and hopefully we will succeed.

Q: Would it be as a last tribute of Lafita to Depor?
A: It isn’t known yet, but whatever happens this summer, I would like to end up with Deportivo in a European position, because it’s where I think we should be.

Q: In recent weeks, I have heard from you that you are very grateful to Deportivo de La Coru?a. Is it a farewell?
A: No, not farewell yet, because many things can happen. Much has been said that I will not continue here on next year, but many things can happen. Nor I know what will happen, but there are options. What is clear is that, to see me thanking Depor doesn’t mean I am saying good bye. It's what I feel and what I like to express. I am very grateful to the club and people, because like I have been treated here, nobody else has treated me anywhere.

Q: You say that we must be realistic about the aspirations of Depor. If we are realistic with its future, the options that remain are minimal.
A: You do not have to. There is a contract and we all know about it, and right now, the option is immediately for Zaragoza. Neither Deportivo nor I can decide. If Zaragoza exercises the buyout option, I should wear its jersey and we can’t say anything, but many things can happen. They have to decide and I don’t know what they are thinking. I guess the first thing is the promotion and once they succeed, they will plan the squad.

Q: And if it was it for you?
A: If it was it for me... I can only wait. I prefer not to say anything, because it will not be for me.

Q: But something will have to do with the player, right?
A: No, it has nothing to do. I neither cut nor click anything. Neither I nor Deportivo.

Q: You will like this to be resolved now, but whether to continue or to go?
A: It’s that it won’t be resolved now, because the issue is complicated. As I already know, because I have spent long summers, I learned from it. I have learned to cope and to be isolated. I want to focus on the remaining matches, to go to Europe, it would be very nice, and finish with a clear conscience.

Q: And as the top scorer of Deportivo.
A: It would be nice. It’s there, at my reach. It's one thing I wanted to improve from the start of the season, and I'm happy.



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