01 Apr 2009
Adri??n L??pez �Piscu’ made his debut at Primera Division on the past season, precisely at Montjuic against RCD Espanyol. The central defender was remembering with <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> the details of his debut and was also analysing his current situation at the squad.

Q: Does the game against Espanyol bring you good memories?
A: Sure. You always have in the head, and in the memory, the game where you made your debut, also the team against you played. That's going to be in your life forever. The best memory is my debut at Primera.

Q: Do you have some image recorded of that day?
A: I have the shirt that I wore and the one of Luis Garcia. He was the player that I marked and he gave it to me very kindly.

Q: And he didn’t ask for yours?
A: He gave his, but I can not give mine, is the one of the debut (he laughs), that can not be given.

Q: You should be remembering everything: the bus, the concentration, the changing room...
A: Yes, everything. Is that is something that can not be forgotten. It happens once in a lifetime and you will be remembering forever.

Q: Were you nervous? Lotina said something to you?
A: Everybody encouraged me, all the players supported me. I was told that I should play calmly and that I should do what I knew.

Q: What you were already doing at Fabril.
A: Sure, to play as it was it a game of the B squad. In the end, it is the same thing.

Q: When you were pulled up, Tito Ramallo said "no one is going to move this one� and he guessed right
A: Yes, I have been lucky because things have gone well, and I have much to thank both, Tito and all the coaches I've had at the lower teams, and also because the coach (Lotina) was the one that bet on me.

Q: Were you surprised to be back on the bench in recent matches?
A: No, not surprised, because I am one more component of the squad and the coach can dispose of me when he thinks is necessary.

Has the coach given you any reason?
A: That should be asked to the coach. I am working as usual and I am available for him whenever he wants.

Q: Even if it were to play at the right-back position, if it’s necessary?
A: Yes, if I have to go back to the right side, I would do it gladly, as long as I could be playing, I could be the goalie too.

Q: Are the movements very different?
A: It's another different position. You know it because the central defenders need to know the movements... well; normally you have to know the whole team, but the side defender is like your partner, even more so.

Q: In addition to these games, you had never played at the right side.
A: No, never.

Q: What are you learning from veteran people as Lopo or Ze Castro?
A: I'm learning a lot, both in training and when I get the chance to play, you learn more.

Q: In which factor you think you have improved?
In everything, in everything. That’s the idea, to be improving in general.

Q: What about maturity?
A: You play calmer than the day of your debut, or the following days.

Q: Who is the most difficult opponent that you have faced this year?
A: When we went to the Calderon. Kun (Aguero) and (Diego) Forl??n, who are first-level strikers and you notice that.

Q: You could return and face Tamudo.
A: I played against him in the day of my debut and also at the home game of this season, which worked out at the end. I played here because Z?© Castro was injured. Espanyol has a very good team. Is there because things are not going well, and this are things of football, but it won’t be for the team they have.

Q: You marked Tamudo in that match (the debut)?
A: Yes and he scored

Q: Oh God!
A: It was a nuisance because we lost, but not because he scored! (he laughs).

Q: Besides, De La Pe?±a is returning, he is very committed.
A: Yes, always seeking and wanting to get the final pass and we must be very careful.



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