10 Apr 2009
Juan Rodr?­guez will return on Sunday against Atletico after a suspension in liga, the Andalusian gave an interview to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and talked about the present of the squad and the aspirations for next season.

Q: Does the squad lack motivation?
A: The motivation is clear from the start. We always talked about trying to get into European positions and be able to repeat in a European competition next season. That’s the motivation we have and the more immediate thing is the game we have this weekend against Atletico Madrid. Since the season started we have been facing the situation game by game and I think we don’t have to change that philosophy and continue.

Q: Your coach said that it isn’t enough, and that there should be pressure at Depor even to qualify for the Champions.
A: We all will like to get as high as possible, but I believe we need to go game by game. It’s a mistake to think of Champions when we are not even in UEFA today. We are tied with the sixth, but we aren’t there and think of higher things is a mistake. We know that there is equality, it will be quite difficult, but it depends on us. We have nine games ahead and we will give everything to enter

Q: Are some players thinking of something else?
A: If anyone has any doubts about a player, you would have to ask him. I still have two years of contract here and I know that next year, I will be here, I'm not thinking of transfers or whatever. I believe that everyone is mature and professional enough; we know that when a game arrives, we have to leave everything on the pitch.

Q: Isn’t human to be relaxed after such a long season?
A: I think that everyone likes to win and when you go out to the pitch, whether you've managed to achieve the permanence, you do your best, because you want to achieve a victory. Nine matches are remaining and anything can happen. No one can be thinking about a transfer or a renewal when nine matches are a world, and it can depend on that the fact you are leaving or not.

Q: The duel against Atletico is more than three points.
A: If we win, we will be there. We are all aware of the importance of this match, and we will try to bring joy to the fans, this in order to be once again in European positions.

Q: You have played in all the matches of the season, less in the latter, due to a sanction. Are you happy with your performance?
A: Yes, because everyone likes to compete and play as much as possible.

Q: Do you feel important?
A: Yes, I can feel important, but here any player at the squad can also feel it, any of the 25 players and anyone who’s going up from the B Squad and having minutes.

Q: Aren’t we seeing your best moment at Depor?
A: What is true is that this season I had a little more regularly; I played more games in a row in my position, yes. But since I came here, I had an average of 30 games per season and in that aspect, I'm happy, because I'm playing since my arrival and that makes me feel that I can’t relax, because many people here also deserves to play, and I in particular, always try to exceed the numbers of previous seasons.

Q: Are you worried about a possible decline in the level of your team for next year?
A: Honestly, I am not thinking about that. I'm going game after game, and I can not think of the squad that’s been prepared for next season. That would be an error on our side and for all, because first we have to see in which position the team will finish. Surely, if it ends in a European competition, it will be different if the team doesn’t.



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