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11 Apr 2009
A strong mentality, this is the request of both coaches ahead of an important battle for the European positions. Also, this is the third confrontation between Lotina and Resino playing for la liga, both have clinched a win in the previous two games.

Abel Resino G??mez is an historic ex-goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid that begun recently his career as a coach. He started to play for CD Toledo, but made almost his entire career at Atletico. In Madrid, Resino was able to establish the longest mark of a keeper without allowing a goal in la liga, this after he spent 1,275 minutes without leaking a goal in the liga season 1990/1991 (14 matchdays).

Actually, that’s the longest record achieved by any goalkeeper at any top league of the world. Abel played 264 matches at Primera and then he retired. He began to coach the keepers of Atletico and was the assistant of C?sar Ferrando back on the season 04/05. Then he went out and worked with Ciudad de Murcia (2005/2006) and Levante (2006/2007), he was coaching CD Castell??n in Segunda when Atletico called him in order to replace Javier Aguirre. This is the third confrontation in liga between Resino and Miguel ?ngel Lotina, the previous games occurred on the season 2006/2007 and both coaches obtained a victory then (Resino was coaching Levante and Lotina Real Sociedad.)

Depor’s coach talked after Saturday’s training, he started the press conference at Abegondo explaining why he has called 19 men for the match, ?We have called nineteen because Adri??n still facing an ankle problem and Antonio Tom??s is also going out from an injury, so we don’t want surprises.? He didn’t want to talk about the lineup and preferred to emphasise that what he wants is to recover the ’identity’ of Deportivo, ?What interests me for tomorrow’s game is to regain the identity of the team. To return to be that strong and dangerous squad ...that team that plays football.?

The Basque pointed out that the squad has worked during the week in order to solve the errors shown against Espanyol, "This week we all have demanded more from ourselves, starting with us, the coaches. We have been more vigilant and we have more intensity. We also talk about been ending the plays, we know we have very good things but there are others that must be improved."

Lotina is aware of the importance of a win in this game, ?Winning tomorrow would mean to overcome a team, at least for a week, that we thought it would be much higher. We must be a daring team, to see the players saying that they are there, giving the face." The coach said.

He also had some words for Atletico, "They are a deadly team in counterattacks. They have a lot of potential as their main features are the four men in attack, they have great quality and they know how to play up front. The goal of Atletico since the start of the season is at least the Champions (League), and with some option to go for the League. What happens is that this year everything is very uphill because (Real) Madrid and Barcelona are very well. On this year it requires a lot of points in order to fight for the championship. For them, to not get to the Champions League is poor, but we must try, because we are there "

Atletico’s coach gave a press conference before the trip to La Coru?a, he admitted this is an important game, but neither wanted to talk about a ?last chance’ to reach the Champions League zone, ?I don’t know if it's the last train, because in football you must be there until the last minute, but I think it’s a very important train. It is clear. It's one of the last trains and it is very important. In football you never know, if everybody else would lose, the chances will still opened. What’s clear it’s that the only thing  in my mind is to win . And then we will make numbers. Now, before the game, the most important thing is to see the team going out for the victory.?

The ex-keeper of Atletico was saying that a key thing is to see the team gaining conscience about the importance of the confrontation, "Everybody must be aware, the players, I and the club, that this match is very important for the team and especially for the institution, that if we want to continue growing as it has occurred in recent years, it all passes through at least try until the last second to be in Champions. It is a key match. There are no more chances, and everyone must be aware that we should made a huge effort and especially to erase the image of the last two games, and return to the previous line that we had, which was good and that has been clouded by the last two results."

Abel was also admitting that his team is feeling the pressure due the latest results, "Things are not working out and obviously there is tension around us. Tomorrow is a special day and you have to give a little more than we usually give. There are moments that have to be in that way. We need to change the momentum of the last two matches and it must be making something different, if not, it’s complicated. When you play for a lot of things, you have to do something different. If you don’t do that, if you let things happen, if you don’t compete at the highest level , if you don’t face the game with a plus, then there’s nothing you can do.. Today, we all talked and I explained the importance of this game. Everyone knows and is aware of it.?
Finally, Resinos had a few words for Deportivo, "It's a team that is like us, they have the same points, and is also an important game for them. It is a good team, especially with good wingers and is doing well at home. Of course, outside home their level is much lower. But at home, and against a team like Atletico Madrid, who are currently tied with them, they will have a special motivation. But for me the most important thing is us. If we follow the line we had before, I think there won’t be any problem. If we are unable to grasp that line, we will suffer a lot. "



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