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11 Apr 2009
Deportivo and Atletico play this Sunday an important game searching the European places, but a friendlier meeting is occurring outside the pitch, and it’s that Lendoiro and ?ngel Gil might be planning a ?massive’ exchange of players for next season.

The media in La Coru?a continues to appoint that Deportivo and Atletico Madrid are planning a huge operation for the upcoming summer market. All started as Depor’s president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro met Miguel ?ngel Gil Mar?n a few weeks ago. Both officials closed the operation that will keep Z? Castro at Deportivo for next season, while they started the negotiations for the sell of Albert Lopo to the Madrilenian team.

But there’s more, according to a report printed by newspaper Xornal de Galicia on Friday, Depor might be planning a more complex operation. According to this source, the Galician team wouldn’t pay anything to Atletico for the buyout clause of Z? Castro (€2.2 million), instead Lendoiro’s club will give Lopo and will have the option to choose from a select list of promises linked with Atletico.

According to Xornal De Galicia, the priority is to get Miguel De Las Cuevas (22), winger that would replace Lafita for next season. The other choices will come in order to fill the departure of the players that will leave Depor after ending their contracts in June.

Starting with Jos? Manuel Jurado (22), playmaker currently loaned at Mallorca and that could arrive to La Coru?a in order to replace Verd??. Other man in the list is Juan Valera Esp?n (24), right-back that might replace Manuel Pablo. The Cordoba-born defender is currently loaned at Racing Santander and Lendoiro wanted him before when the boy was part of Spain’s U-21 squad.

Meanwhile, the possible exits of De Guzman and Sergio could be covered with Ignacio Camacho (18), youngster that has left a positive impression on this season and that could leave the Madrilenian club loaned in order to have more minutes.

Even the goalie position might find reinforcements ahead of next season, Mun??a is leaving and the future of Fabricio is uncertain, therefore the names of David De Gea (18) and Roberto Jim?nez (23) have been mentioned. The first one is the keeper of Atletico Madrid B and was team mate of Rochela in the last U-20 FIFA World Cup, the second is the current keeper of Recreativo Huelva and for whom Atletico has a buyout option.

It isn’t the first time this kind of massive transfers occurs, in 2000 Lendoiro arranged a triple-transfer deal that brought Molina, Valer??n and Capdevila to Deportivo, while in 1993 Donato Gama da Silva and Alfredo Santaelena arrived at the same time from Atletico. And at beginning of this season, it was Mista who was exchanging the Rojiblanco shirt for the Blanquiazul uniform.



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