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13 Apr 2009
No matter the defeat against Atletico was an important setback, the players still believe in the European chances of Depor. Meanwhile Lotina says that some players are lacking compromise and announced chances for the upcoming games.

Despite that Depor made its first shot until minute 69,  coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina said he was content with the attitude of his players, "We knew that by winning Europe would have been closer, but it wasn't possible. I can't criticize the attitude of the players, because we saw an improvement with the changes. The first goal was a pity, because things were more difficult in the second part. We knew it would be a tough and jammed game, we wanted to reach the second half and to see Atletico leaving the spaces to seize Valer??n, but that occurred until we were down 0-2.? 

The Basque trainer explained the late substitutions that he made at the end of the game, something that was criticized by the media, "Just when we were going to make the changes, we started to play a little better and we said: 'let's wait'. As we didn’t score a goal, I thought in putting two strikers in order to break the game, but then the second goal arrived. So I replaced Lassad, who had a muscle problem, and gave a chance to Pablo (?lvarez). He was close to score and the final part of the game has left us more satisfied."

No matter Lotina said to be content with the attitude of his players, he denounced that some men are already showing ?conformism?, reason why he is announcing changes for the upcoming games, ?We will follow Pablo ?lvarez more closely and also other players. It is evident. Lafita has had a long season. He scored goals in Israel, but it looks like ages have passed since then. We are happy with him, but there are players that have performed for the whole year and that look more thick now.? 

Juan Carlos Valer??n was admitting the superiority of the rival and was asking for a better effort in the upcoming games, ?Today they were superior and we were just at the height of the circumstances during the final minutes. Europe is not lost yet and we must fight hard in the next games to regain the lost points.?

Pablo ?lvarez was the revulsive in the last minutes of the game, he was feeling sorry for an opportunity that he missed to score, ?I have had a very clear chance and it was a pity that it didn’t enter. If we would have scored there, I believe we would have ended equalising the game.?

?The Shark’ was also saying that Deportivo failed because it searched the game without clear ideas over the pitch, ?It was a jammed game. We tried almost everything, in the end maybe with more heart than brain and it wasn’t possible. All the matches and all the rivals are difficult. It is hard to follow the good line we had before. It is clear that we still have to fight in the remaining matches.?

Filipe Luis was admitting the result was fair, but the Brazilian hasn’t lost the European hopes for his team, ?Neither Espanyol is already relegated nor we are outside Europe. What we need to do now is to correct the errors.?

Right-back Laure was saying that Deportivo lost more than three points in this game, ?I am feeling better at the squad, but the important thing is the collective performance. These were more than three points, and now all we can do is to regain them in the next games.?

Rodolfo Bodipo is also hopeful about the European chances of the squad, ?In a personal level, I felt good sensations, but what matters is that the team didn’t add any point. I want to regain now my previous form before the injury and to see us fighting for the UEFA until the end.?

At Atletico Madrid, coach Abel Resinos was appointed that his team was leaving the Riazor reinforced with the triumph, ?This victory strengthens us, because again you believe in what you're doing and it give us back the confidence to continue working for the future. When we play football, we are involved in the game and we have intensity, we are able to defeat anybody. We have demonstrated this against the big teams and also in a complicate stadium like the Riazor. Deportivo was desperate and launched itself at the end, because the game was ending and we lacked a little patience. Those were three minutes out of control, but the rest has been well.?




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