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15 Apr 2009
Lotina said some weeks ago that the squad needs to repeat the performance of the first round in order to reach the European zone, this means to add other thirty points in the second round. For the mission Depor is forced to earn 17 of the last 24 points in dispute.

Deportivo lost an important battle for Europe on the past Sunday, but the Galician team still has a chance to qualify for European football during next season. According to Lotina, a qualification to the UEFA Cup will need to add 60 points in the liga season, while the Champions League zone needs 63 or 64. So far Deportivo has added 43 points with eight games remaining in the schedule.

These calculations means that Deportivo will need to add at least 17 more points in order to qualify to the UEFA Cup (called now Europa league), while the Champions League requires 20 additional points. Taking in mind that only 24 points still in dispute, Lotina’s side is forced to conquer at least the 71% of the remaining points if they want to play the new Europa league, and the Champions League needs a bigger effort: 83% of the points still in agenda.

More in concrete, in order to play again in Europe, Depor will need to win at least five of the last eight matches and to clinch two draws, or to simply obtain six victories. In other words, the Galicians can not lose more than seven points in the remaining eight liga encounters if they want to play European football on next season.

Taking in mind that Depor still has to play four games at home (Almeria, Valladolid, Getafe and Barcelona), at least ten of the seventeen points needed for the mission should be obtained at the Riazor, meaning that the squad will have to search for the remaining seven points in the four matches that will take place outside home (Athletic Bilbao, Malaga, Recreativo and Sevilla), the problem is that the Galicians have just added four points out of town since the start of the second round.



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