18 Apr 2009
Alex Berganti?±os is enjoying his loan period at X?©rez, he has been going in and out of the lineups but he’s happy, because X?©rez is on its way to Primera. He gave an interview to V?­ctor Losada from and talked about him.

The following is the translation of the interview:

Q: After several days on the bench, you have re-entered into the plans of the coach, how do you feel?
A: Very happy, because of the last four games, I’ve played three full-matches and we've won, and it has helped us to become leaders and to have many options to achieve the promotion to Primera, something we truly want, and also taking back the lost confidence after that streak of being sited on the bench. But always trusting in my possibilities, and knowing that the opportunity was coming back for me and that I should try to seize it.

Q: Is the new system at X?©rez a benefit for you?
A: Yes, it is true that with the trivote more possibilities are opened for me, and I also have a little more freedom to put pressure and go up front, and I think we are benefiting at a defensive level.

Q: Are you feeling repent about going out loaned?
A: No, not at all. I knew that at Deportivo it would be almost impossible to get minutes, and here I am building a name for myself at Segunda. I'm playing important games against teams practically from Primera as Zaragoza, Hercules, Real Sociedad... and also learning a lot. People are very happy with me here and I am living a very beautiful year with the possibility of the first promotion of X?©rez to Primera, it would be something historic and we must enjoy it at the maximum.

Q: Will you advise, to the players who need minutes in a senior category, to live the experience of leaving one year to another team?
A: That is clear, if you see that you will not have many options and that you have a lot of people ahead of you, at my age, it was something essential to go out searching for minutes and trying to prove if I was worthy for a superior league, and it is clear this is a great choice as it was demonstrated by others partners, such as Iago or Xisco, who were also loaned out at one point, or the same Aythami who’s fulfilling a great year here. It is a choice that Deportivo is using and is bearing fruits.

Q: This season you gave the jump to a different category, did you notice it a lot?
A: Yes you notice it, especially related to the stadiums and the people, something that had nothing to do with Segunda B, and this level of football is much faster, you play against many players who are from Primera Divisi??n, people who play through one or two touches to the ball, and you have to adapt quickly, it also requires more velocity from you and to be more observant.

Q: How do you see the option of staying at X?©rez, this after their interest in getting your services in a permanent sense?
A: It is a place where I'm very happy, I'm being treated well, people behaved very well with me, I'm playing well and have the option of being at Primera. It is a nice option for me, but I belong to Depor and it depends on what they want me to do at the end of the season. Neither is something that I should think now, if at the end of the season Depor decides to not count on me, it is clear that X?©rez is one of my first choices, because I'm very comfortable on here, and it will until the end that we will realize if Depor wants to have me or if I should search for another option.

Is there any other squad that has shown interest?
A: There are always rumours, but for now it is difficult to clarify anything, because the teams don’t know in which league they will play, or don’t know the needs of the squad related to next year. At the moment there is nothing in concrete and it just depends on Deportivo, and I can not search for other things until they talk with me at the end of the season.

Q: Talking about Depor, do you follow the team from there?
A: Yes, if I can, if it isn’t coinciding with my games or the travels, I try to watch it, either through the internet or on television, and I always followed the UEFA. I am happy for the year they are doing, they are fighting with the top teams and can get into Europe. I think that for Deportivo, with the current economic level, it is a great goal, let’s see if they can enter again into the UEFA on this year, it would be a success for this season.

Q: Do you consult any media of Deportivo to see what the fans think?
A: Yes, I usually consult the webpage of, also to see things of Fabril, because the B team is more difficult to follow on television. And I also read the newspapers to find out things occurring in A Coru?±a.

Q: Talking about your future, Lotina said this week in a press conference that it isn’t the same to play at Primera than at Segunda, and he also wanted to see you live in order to decide about your future, what do you think about these statements?
A: About seeing me ... I've been four years at the B squad and the last two as the captain and playing everything, and now all matches that I’ve played at Segunda... so it will not be something different to be playing a game in person. I guess that he will have an idea about me, and it will also depend on his needs and his opinion about me. About the difference between the leagues, they exist for something. And is not the same to play at Primera than at Segunda, but it is something that you can not know because I haven’t had the chance to play at Primera. What we are seeing is that, at least, I am responding in a Segunda team that’s fighting for the promotion. I'm happy with that, and at least I proved to myself that I’m worthy of Segunda, and at Primera, if someday they give the chance, it will be a matter of checking it out.

Q: Given the potential exits of De Guzman and Sergio, do you see yourself ready to join the team of Deportivo ahead of next season?
A: Prepared, I can already tell you that we won’t know until I seem myself playing there, it's my big dream to play at Depor and in my city, it’s my great dream since I was a kid. If Deportivo thinks is worthy to see me staying, I will give everything trying to find a spot at the squad, and to play at Depor is my big dream.

Q: Does Deportivo maintain any communication with you and with the rest of loaned players?
A: Not directly, but neither is much needed. What they have to do is to follow our games, I know they are in communication with the management and the technical staff of the club, is what they must do, to see the reports they pass over me on here. I neither think a direct relation is necessary, because there wasn’t any direct link when we were at the B squad. The club’s officials must be there to see us and make the reports, and then the coaching staff will make its assessment of the whole season and then they could take the decisions.

Q: Do you have any relationship with any colleague you left in A Coru?±a?
A: Yes, especially through Internet with Piscu, Fabricio ... and also with some guys at the B squad, I attempt to speak with them occasionally and am aware of what happens. I went to Seville to see Depor against Betis, and I have been with Piscu and Fabri(cio), and I always try to stay in touch with them and following them as a simple fan.

Q: Do you think Fabril will achieve the salvation?
A: It's complicated, this week Sporting B also lost, and they still have options to achieve the salvation, but now they have to face two Derbies against Lugo and Ciudad Santiago, which aren’t playing for anything, and that can give them the push to add those six points that will give them options until the end, and I think there are options. When you're stuck down there it is difficult to escape, but if you get those six points and arrive with options for the last two matches against (Racing) Ferrol and Zamora, then they will still alive and will fight until the end, that’s for sure.

Q: Who will you highlight from the B squad?
A: It is difficult to praise a single person, there are very good people who enjoyed of the coach’s confidence during the last year, there are young lads who are playing, the pity is that it is difficult to shine when you are playing so young and for the first year. There are people like Rochela, Juan Dominguez or Chirri, who were promoted from Juvenil and that are passing through their period of adjustment, but it’s normal because it is a very complicated category in which there’s a new team after a lot of people went out on last year, it is very difficult. If they can’t save the place, they must continue performing in order to be better players for the future.

Q: How do you valorize the current economic situation in football related to the subject of the crisis?
A: It also depends of the club, I think the teams at Primera and Segunda, sort or less, no matter been lowering their budgets, can be maintained without excessive hurries, because most of those teams have a city pushing at the back, either at the level of municipalities or private companies that support from behind, I think the big problem is with the teams at Segunda B and Tercera. At Segunda, this year, there are many teams that are not paid. Especially affected by the theme of the building industry, there were some companies that were using football at Segunda B to do business and now they have left, that situation has left many clubs virtually ruined. And there are many players who are not paid and carrying with that, I believe this is the main thing to solve, because professional football can hold more or less, if they have to low the budgets, they will do it, but they aren’t in troubles. The big problem is that, teams at Segunda B in which there are now many players who have not been paid for months.

Q: What do you do on your days off?
A: I have a pretty good relationship especially with Momo and Aythami and some other partners, I've been spending the time knowing the area, especially the province of Cadiz, and I also visited Seville. And then try to study a little to present some exam in June at A Coru?±a. I also have my girlfriend here, we're pretty good. It is a very quiet town where you live very well, especially enjoying the season I'm doing, and knowing the south. Taking advantage of the free time to see things.

Q: Hobbies?
A: The main one is football. I also quite like video games, movies and occasionally hanging around with my girlfriend. The typical hobbies of the footballers.



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