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21 Apr 2009
Lately, Andr?s Guardado has been regaining his previous form, he has giving the last two assists in Depor’s goals and wants to improve. The Mexican talked to newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> about his feelings for been facing his compatriot Hugo S??nchez in today’s game at the Riazor.

Q: With Hugo as a coach, Mexico was third in the Copa America 2007, but lasted just a few months on the bench. How do you remember that stage?
A: Unfortunately, he didn’t meet the expected results in Mexico, perhaps because there were too many expectations. I’m personally grateful, because he always had great confidence in me. I always appeared in his lists no matter I was not playing in Spain. Besides, as a player and as a person, he’s an idol in Mexico.

Q: When he was a star, you were just a kid.
A: I was just born.

Q: So, you never had posters of Hugo in your room?
A: I didn’t see him playing on a daily basis or on weekends, but I watched him later on video. You know how hard it was to achieve what he did, for have earned a place here at Real Madrid? Four Pichichi trophies at (Real) Madrid, another at Atletico? With so many things achieved, you have to admire him, but not as an idol, because unfortunately I didn’t live his era.

Q: He knows how to exploit his strengths. Never haggle anyone, but was he a lethal striker?
A: He knew and was very conscious of what are his strengths and he exploited them, but he had around him some very good players. The crosses were raining into his path, and he was always there, in the precise position, and when it was a little uncomfortable, I don’t know how he did it, but always finished well and managed to score spectacular goals. As a player he is admired greatly not only in Mexico, but throughout the world, and as a coach he is also trying to have a successful career here and hopefully he can get it.

Q: What did you learn from him?
A: Above all, he taught me ambition, to be always pushing for the win, always wanting to improve, attitude and a winning mentality. It is a coach than more than tactical, works with motivation, he motivates his players, trying to see them feeling comfortable, he talks to them about being great, makes them feel they are the best in the world. He knows how to teach that.

Q: Because he was born as a winner.
A: Yes, he was born a winner and likes challenges. As more difficult the things are, the more he likes it, and he tells you that you have more value when you succeed. That can be attributed to him.

Q: At the Copa America, you beat Brazil (2-0) and crushed Paraguay (6-0). Are those your best memories?
Yes, in the first stage we bet Brazil by 2-0, which was the champion in the end. It was a good Copa America, but just good, because it’s better been a finalist or champion, and we were eliminated by Argentina in the semifinals. But, after all, the result was not bad, and after what we saw in those two games. It spoke well for us in Mexico. He took a lot of credit for that, because the performance shown had a lot to do with him.

Q: The last match of Hugo with the 'Tri' was in England against Ghana, you played there. You were coming from an injury and then you fell down in a Murcia-Deportivo. Was Lotina angry and blamed Hugo?
A: Yes, I played almost the whole match there after surpassing an injury. It was an important game because Mexico had been left out of the Olympic Games [which ended up costing him the position]. I played the whole match and actually, I came here just to fell injured. I suffered the second stress fracture, but I do not attach anything to him. If I got injured, it was for different issues.

Q: After the game, Hugo was fired.
A: Yes, we won, but it was his last match. After that, it was when Sven [Goran Eriksson] arrived, who also was recently kicked out.

Q: Too many changes.
A: The true is that, unfortunately, in recent years at the national team, there have been many variants, we haven’t been able to consolidate with any coach so far, and hopefully now that Aguirre is arriving, he can be there for many years, especially, to achieve the results that are the most wanted thing.

Q: Do you stay in touch with the coach of Almeria?
A: The true is that, unfortunately, no. I would like, because you learn a lot from a person like him, but hopefully now that we'll see each other, we can start the contact and we can begin to help each other here.

Q: How do you see yourself in recent matches?
A: I'm very, very satisfied with my performance in recent matches. Little by little, I'm feeling better with the ball, to have participated in almost all the scoring plays is something I like, I like to feel part of the team. I repeat: I am very satisfied.



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