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23 Apr 2009
Satisfaction after the victory in liga, Lotina was admitting the problems held in the first part, but emphasised the spirit shown in the second half, something that the players also did. At Almeria, Hugo Sanchez thinks his team lost due its own errors and affirms the final result is fair.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was satisfied with the win, though he admitted some problems during the first half, ?These are three very important points. In the first part we were a little stuck against an Almeria that was playing very close. The rival didn’t give us many options. We weren’t too good and we got a little nervous, but defense did a nice work. Since the goal the spaces appeared and the squad was feeling comfortable, with fluidity and arrivals to the goal. Furthermore, we were serious at the back. It was a complete game by our side. "

The Basque coach continued his analysis emphasising that Depor missed depth in the first part and that the first goal was the key to the victory, ?Depor missed the needed depth, because everybody was approaching to the ball. That, combined with the approach of Almeria, was making impossible to have depth. That was the moment when we were wrong, because we didn’t fit too well the movements in attack. In the second part we were fortunate to see one of the first plays ending in goal. This fact changed the game."

Depor’s coach wanted to emphasise the work done by Lassad, youngster that he described as the best news of the season, "These are really great news, even better than the renewal of the coach. He’s feeling comfortable playing with a partner up front, and has a tremendous quality. It has been a tremendous discovery."

No matter the victories of Malaga and Valencia, Lotina still believing that his team still has the chance to reach Europe, ?We still have to fight. There are still points. We're happy because we're slowly adjusting the things and the team was reborn. There are things to improve, but we can not complain.?

Joan Verd?? was saying that the key was the attitude had on the second half while he was also explaining his goal, "In the second part, we went out with a different mentality since the first minute, and at the end the three points were well deserved. In the play of the goal, I waited, because the defender was very close to me and then I looked up for the far post to which the goalkeeper couldn’t reach."

The Catalan playmaker was also pointing to the upcoming clash with Malaga, game that could be decisive for Deportivo’s European aspirations, "Now it’s time for the game in which we play for it all; Osasuna was winning with a 2-1 score, but Malaga supported the pull out."

Lassad Nouioui was feeling very happy with his second goal in liga and his first at the Riazor, ?I am very happy to leave with a goal scored at the Riazor and also for the fans, for the victory and the team. The first goal gave us tranquility and then we played better, then it came the second goal and the release of pressure was bigger. ?

The Tunisian attacker also said that he was feeling very comfortable playing behind Bodipo as second striker, "I feel good playing there, as second striker, sometimes I have played there, we must now continue on this line against Malaga, it will be a major game. Six matches are remaining to finish the league and we have to play at the top in order to end in Europe."

Meanwhile, Pablo ?lvarez was feeling excited because the public applauded to him when he was replaced, "I am very grateful to the public because they applauded me and it is always nice to leave surrounded by the applauses, I felt loved. The first half was tight, it was costing to us, but then, with the scoresheet in favour, we were clearly dominating."

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was admitting that the performance of the squad wasn’t so brilliant, but he preferred to emphasise the final result, ?Deportivo won and now we are close to the European positions, though the game wasn’t showy."

At Almeria, coach Hugo S??nchez was analysing the encounter, ?"I think we need to respect the rival, because they must be taken into account. Deportivo tried to impose its style. In the first part we saw a lot of fight and we were able to neutralize their long balls. We had a couple of mismatches that caused those two occasions at the end. In the second we wanted to play on our way, but their defense didn’t allow us to have opportunities."

The Mexican coach was saying that his team lost the game due to punctual errors, but he was also saying that the final result was fair, "They waited for our failures, and although they only enjoyed of four clear chances, against two for our own, the result is fair. The match was so tense that any side committing a mistake would have lost, they waited for our errors and that’s how they won.?




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