29 Apr 2009
Andr?s Guardado gave an interview to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a, the Mexican winger talked about the game at Malaga, his physical condition and the chances of Depor ahead of the last part of la liga competition.

Q: Did you have a rounded second half at La Rosaleda?
A: I found myself quite well. Since I returned from the injury, I’m feeling each time better after the games. It's good to feel strong and important with the ball during the decisive actions. That gives me great confidence and motivates me to continue improving, to follow the same way in this five remaining matches or even to attempt to go further, always thinking about helping the team.

Q: Did you ended more satisfied for having an assist in the goal?
A: You always like to feel important for the team and be present at the key plays. At Malaga, I was the one that sent the cross for the goal. That gives you great motivation to go further. I know that I, individually, have to give more.

Q: Do you feel each day with more spark and freshness?
A: A lot, especially when I start the runs and in the defensive returns. The physical endurance is one of my virtues and I have to explode it.

Q: At Malaga, Lotina put you once again starting at the right, but after the break you switched to the left, isn’t it?
A: I’ve played there my whole life. He, by tactical reasons, sometimes seeks changes to attempt the diagonal towards the centre, all of this to see us in front of the goal with good chances to striker the ball with our good leg. Clearly, in a personal sense, I always played on the left and I think that Pablo ?lvarez is also better at his side, because it’s something that he dominates since a long time.

Q: Atl?tico and Villarreal didn’t fail, but the sixth spot is only two points away. Is it a feasible objective?
A: Of course. We’re still there. We stay in the fight and we will fight until death and until the end. The team is very confident. We remain convinced that we can get in Europe. We will not lower the arms. No one can take our hope away. Hopefully we will achieve that goal.

Q: And if you fail to do so, to what extent it would be a disappointment?
A: We must be realistic and ambitious at the same time. We must consider that we are there for our own merits and we can continue fighting until the end for that goal. If it isn’t achieved, we can neither eat our heads feeling it’s a failure, because it isn’t a failure.

Q: Do you fear the season will not be valued at the end if the European goal is not reached?
A: Yes, because sometimes when a good campaign is not reflected through something, people choose not to say it was a good season, and that last year we got into Europe anyway. Last year we were very irregular, and on this we have been very regular in general. Those are details that people have to analyse. This season has been great according to what was expected from this team and whatever happens, that's one thing to be valued.

Q: Like the fact that you began to compete before anyone else.
A: Sure. Those are things that need to be greatly valued and, indeed, we talk about that inside the group. We began very early. Sometimes, it reflects a certain fatigue, but nevertheless the team continues showing a good physical tone.

Q: So, this little hole before the game at San Mam?s was not due to an attitude problem.
A: No. At times it was noticed that the team felt the fatigue for been working so long and during so many matches, but we’re ambitious and will go on until the end.

Q: There are five matchdays remaining in the calendar. Five finals, isn’t it?
A: That's right. Now we can’t relax, neither to think that for adding seven of the last nine points we already achieved the goal. We need to continue with the same mentality, to continue fighting; that we haven’t achieved anything yet. Hopefully the team will not relax. I am confident it will not do.



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