30 Apr 2009
Manuel Pablo gave an interview to La De Galicia, the captain of Deportivo talked about his physical state, the European chances of the team, the negotiations for his renewal, and the bonuses for the whole squad in case of entering to Europe.

Q: How were you during your return to the pitch?
A: Better than I expected. Those two games have served me to be in the best possible way for this final part of the season.

Q: Were you surprised as you started in two straight games?
A: I wanted to play. I think it's the best thing I could live.

Q: Yes?
A: Yes, because in this way you get the pace the sooner, and I think I can be at 90% or almost 100% for the weekend.

Q: So soon?
A: Yes, because I am a player who catches the pace very quickly and I prefer to be competing in order to get the needed spark before a game and then rest. If you train, you get a certain pace, but not the requirement of the competition and I think that these matches have been good for that.

Q: Your replacement, Laure, was doing well.
A: Yes, but the coach trusts in me and I can only thanks the confidence that he has placed in me since he arrived. During the last pause in liga, we had tried to accelerate in order to be fit before, but it wasn’t possible and since I was available, they have asked me and I always said that after two months and half, I was eager to play and compete.

Q: Is the good treatment of the coach encouraging you to continue next season in A Coru?±a?
A: I know that the coach rely heavily on me, but then I negotiate with the people from the club and it is different.

Q: If you could quantify the state of your renewal, at this point, how many chances do you have to continue?
A: The case is 50-50. It is stopped, but Depor remains as an option, it is clear.

Q: Don’t you consider as a lack of respect to be one month before the final in liga without knowing if you will continue or not?
A: I am not disappointed. I am quiet on this issue. I know these are things that can happen.

Q: To you too?
A: That is why, I am not the first player and life continues.

Q: Lotina said that in the next three games it is necessary to add nine points to keep fighting for playing the UEFA, do you agree?
A: I think you have to be ambitious. We are in a good streak again and I think we have to carry out with the home games to make us stronger, and we must also add points away from home.

Q: What numbers do you make?
A: It is going to be difficult with only nine points, because we rely on other teams that are above us. It is true that there are many irregularities and we might reach the goal with 59 points, but it is difficult.

Q: Qualifying for Europe is an obligation or an award?
A: It is always an award, but now we see it as a goal.

Q: And if at the end this is not achieved, will the dressing room feel disappointed?
A: It wouldn’t be a disappointment, but it will hurt if we stay out, having done a great job trying and not have succeeded. In the end, what we will have to look is the work of the whole season and to be happy.

Q: And if you succeed?
A: It will be the time to enjoy, because we will have a great season. It was a short-term goal, because nobody thought we could fight for it, but it was a wonderful surprise.

Q: Is the season too long after many months of competition?
A: All the squads have nearly depleted the batteries. We started a little earlier, but we neither see the others much better, and seeing what lies ahead of us, it should be exciting.

Q: How is the negotiation of the bonuses?
A: We must now check it with the team mates. The club has returned to the bonus proposal that was rejected two years ago and we have to analyse it, to talk and see.

Q: The club did the same proposal?
A: The club made a proposal two years ago and we didn’t accept it, but well. Now we have to talk with the team mates and see what they think. If we should accept, if we should look for further negotiation or if we should see what happens.

Q But two years ago it wasn’t accepted.
A: No, those were other circumstances...

Q: Last year, either.
A: Yes.

Q: Meanwhile, you are not receiving the money of the bonuses
A: Of course not.

Q: What about players who have left?
A: Those guys should be claiming those prizes at their clubs, right? Just the men on here have the right to claim them.

Q: And now the club has made the same proposal that was rejected in that day.
A. Yes.

Q: What are the bonuses for?
A: Since I’m here, they are for achieving the goals. If we go into the UEFA, there are bonuses, but only for the permanence, no.



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