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04 May 2009
Everybody at Depor knows that the team played a bad game, but at the same time everybody was content with the result and with the European chances of the club. Meanwhile Lendoiro was talking about the renewals.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina was happy for the victory, but he knows that his team didn’t had a good game, ?We were fine in the first fifteen minutes. We scored a goal and we had a couple of chances through Lassad, but later they started to move the ball and reach our goal at ease. We didn’t close the lines and we were too hurried with the ball. We saw how the score was in danger during almost the entire match. The best thing was the result. Playing like this you can only win once.?

The Basque was insisting about the bad game of Depor, "We didn’t read too well the game. When you are playing badly it’s good to pick up a draw, and against Valladolid we added the three points. I think the difference was in the hotel the day before -he joked- They watched Barcelona and we (Real) Madrid. They played very well. At times, they seemed as Barca. We tried to correct the bewilderment of the first half with the entry of Verd??, but they played with confidence, and made us run a lot. We were stuck in defense and Canobbio created many problems between the lines.?

Now, Lotina is focused in the next game, the visit to Recreativo de Huelva, ?We still inside the good wave. Recreativo is playing for its life and it going to be a match full of tension. Let’s see if we are able to play better than against Valladolid.?

Left-back Filipe Luis had similar thoughts than Depor’s coach, ?It is true that the squad didn’t play as we did it before, but the important thing was to win and leave the soul on the pitch. We knew how to play with the result and we fought until the end. When we are ahead on the scoresheet, we usually win the games.?

Andr?s Guardado was sharing everybody’s opinion regardless to the game practiced by the squad, ?It wasn’t our best game. There were a lot of long balls and many secondary plays. We suffered until the end because they pressed a lot. We had enough occasion to sentence, but in the end we were lucky to achieve the victory. We're very excited with our current run."

Rodolfo Bodipo, who was the company of Lassad in attack, was content with the win, but unsatisfied because the squad should have scored more goals, ?We have enough chances to sentence the situation, but it wasn’t possible. The important thing is that right now we are in UEFA.?

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia was also targeting the UEFA Cup (Europa league), ?The team would sign the participation in the UEFA since now due the potential of the teams above us. If we see ourselves with chances until the last game, we will try it, but right now we would sign the UEFA. It is complicated, we have added three wins and one draw lately and not even like this we are inside the UEFA zone. The teams above us are really great and their goals at the start of the season were higher and can not fail, but we still there.?

The ex-Athletic keeper was also analysing the four rivals that Depor must face in the remaining matchdays of the season, ?All the rivals are complicated right now, Recreativo and Getafe are at the limit, while Sevilla and Barcelona are great teams and I don’t think that both will threw away the matches.?

Meanwhile, Lassad Nouioui awoke all kind of positive comments on the press due to his game and his goal, but he wanted to take off the signboard of an idol, ?I don’t want to see people watching me as an idol, I prefer to see them calling me a good player, but not an idol. That’s too much for a person, I’m just a football player, nothing more.?

The Tunisian attacker didn’t want to talk about the chance to reach the Champions League, while he emphasised the proximity to the UEFA zone, ?Right now, I would sign to play the UEFA. We don’t talk too much of the Champions, but we are footballers and we think about it from time to time. Four matches are remaining and let’s see what happens. Now we must go out and win at Recreativo, they are near to salvation and are playing to achieve the goal of the season.?

Maybe president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was the one that resumed in the best way the match, ?The best thing was the result? He said minutes after the final whistle. The president was also asked about the renewals of the player ending contract and his response was very clear, ?We made offers to everybody excepting Pablo Amo and Mun??a and we can not wait more time, because we must lower the debt and the way to do it is through a limit in the wages.?

The president continued analysing the subject, "We can not wait any longer for the renewals. In the first days of the week we will talk with the agents of the players, we must make them see that Depor can only reach a certain point. We can not stretch the blanket. It did it in the past and was criticized for that reason. Now we have to cut the debt and that means to reduce the budget and adapt it to the characteristics of a city like A Coru?a. We can not wait until the summer to talk about this, because it avoids the possibility of been talking with interesting players that are leaving other teams for free. We can not be waiting until July or August, because then other interesting players can sign a compromise with other clubs."

At the other border of the river, Jos? Luis Mendilibar was feeling sorry because his team lost a match in which it played well, ?At the end, what counts is the final result, you can be deserving something else, but if we reach the opposite goal so many times and we are unable to score a goal, we can not win. I believe we have made a solid game, the best one, with difference, compared to the latest one, and we are going home with a fool face and carrying one more defeat.?




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