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06 May 2009
Filipe talked to newspaper Xornal De Galicia; he expressed his gratitude with Deportivo since the club has trusted in him during the last three years. He also said that one of his main hopes is to play at Brazil’s national squad.

Maybe he represents the player of Deportivo that has progressed the most on recent seasons. Nobody knew him when he arrived from Real Madrid Castilla three years ago, now he is an undisputed starter at Depor’s squad. On the present liga season he has been a starter in all the liga games and has been replaced in only two opportunities.

The Brazilian left-back told to newspaper Xornal De Galicia that he feels fine in La Coru?±a and that he will never forget that Depor was the side that bet on him, â€?I will never forget that. I see very complicated to leave this place. I am happy, I have five years of contract and sincerely, I don’t think of an exit. For me, the most important thing is not the money. What I want is to have a large career and make something big in a club, to achieve a lot of titles. And except for that, I will never leave. I don’t care if they come with many millions of Euros, I wouldn’t move from here due the money."

At the beginning, it was commented that Filipe was having troubles at the moment of been defending, but now things have improved, though he still has to work some aspects, �The coach worked much time on this, and he put the batteries. I grew up in that sense, although I can still do more. When I get to the bottom line, I should have a little more calm before giving a scoring pass. Sometimes I get tired after climbing at the wing and I don’t think a few tenths of a second before completing the pass. I must improve it.� The player said about this issue.

But a fact that still bothering the side defender is to not been part yet of Brazil’s national squad, �When you see the lists, you will note that there is a high level. But often to be part of the list doesn’t depend on your game, but of which team you come from and the tournaments where you play. Most national players perform on the Champions League, but if the chance would be giving to me, I will not go once, but always. If I would be playing at (Real) Madrid or another big club, I would already be the left-back of Brazil, or at least I would have more chances to be that person."

No matter what, Filipe believes that he will end up playing at both teams, Deportivo and Brazil, �If I say it will be something great, it will be too short, because it would be huge. I would love to takeover the job of other players who have already achieved that, as Mauro Silva and Bebeto. It would be something amazing for me to play on here and at the national squad.�

And Filipe knows that for that mission, it is very important to play in Europe on the next season, something he is convinced Depor will do, "We found our game in recent matches and I think we will qualify for European competitions. Now we face Recre, they play for their life, but we will win.�



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