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20 Feb 2006
The papers in Galicia and Zaragoza believe that the draw is a bad result for both squads, the media agrees that now the European chances are more uncertain than ever. The disappointment is bigger in La Coru?±a since Deportivo continues to show a lack of effectiveness at Riazor, a bad run of results that began in January.

La Voz de Galicia: The situation of Deportivo is reaching a dark tone. It isn't a black future like the one of the teams fighting in the relegation zone, but the bad run doesn't let the fans to walk away from Riazor with a smile, a stadium in which the victories shine by their absence. In Deportivo we are living from promises and not for realities. After the disappointing 1-1 against Zaragoza (saved by Molina in the last second with a miraculous hand) a friend of mine called me in order to protest: "In Deportivo we have too many speeches, but there are no goals to win the home encounters." To defeat Betis in Sevilla is a pretty good situation, but the fans will prefer to change this victory for a win over Zaragoza yesterday. And since this regret is very common on these days, we have to emphasise it, because it could be accepted as a normal thing, but in reality is the continuity of a failure. Vicente Leirach??.

La Opinion A Coru?±a: One more point added by Deportivo, the second conquered in Riazor since December 11th. A very poor performance, but seeing the drama that has unfolded in the Riazor during the present season it can't be consider as bad. It was Munitis, who scored the equaliser, which cancelled out Diego Milito's first half strike. A great effort that made us think that the comeback was possible, but it wasn't like that. The avalanche over C?©sar was just that, an avalanche with a starting point, but at the same time with a quick end. It ended when Zaragoza started to stop the actions in a game that was more dynamic with the goal of Munitis. Depor had some occasions, but once again the squad missed a player with enough skills to resolve the needed touch in order to succeed in the striking zone. Xos?© Manuel Mallo.

El Ideal Gallego: Without ideas. Out of thirteen rivals, only four were defeated. The team suffered against Getafe, C??diz and Atl?©tico de Madrid. Only Real Madrid's win was convincing. The rest were only step downs, for that reason the squad must wash dishes instead of thinking in drinking from the cup. As it has happened lately, Deportivo faced a rival that was playing better on the pitch. The work of the wingers was lost and the balls sent to the front always ended in the boots of the rivals, without ideas... maybe it happened since Sergio was on the bench, the team confused the direct game with the fact of just sending long balls to nowhere. The truth is that during the first half Zaragoza was the only one the played and scored. After the break Caparr??s searched the reaction with Trist??n, Sergio and Gallardo, this last one tried to face the rivals although he didn't succeed in all of his attmepts. But at least he tried. The equaliser arrived thanks to Munitis who surprised C?©sar from a free-kick, there was hope... but the history could've been different if Molina didn't save the shot from ?“scar. After seeing these circumstances we can admit that draw is a good result, that's our luck lately! Alberto Torres.

AS: There was a lot of comments regarding Deportivo and Zaragoza metting each other in the Copa del Rey final. Zaragoza has already qualified and Depor can still qualify. If what we saw yesterday was a test, we can guarantee that the final will see a lot of excitement and tension. los Ma?±os were better in the first half and Caparr??s' squad deserved more in the last 45 minutes. The draw should be a fair result although both squads must be sorry for the chances that they missed out. Depor will remember the ball that Sergio sent to the crossbar in the last play, and Zaragoza will be thinking in the shot of ?“scar that Molina saved in the last second. Luis de La Cruz.

Diario Equipo (Zaragoza): Europe was starting in la Coru?±a, a city in which the final of copa del rey could start too. Deportivo aspires to play it and since yesterday, they know the difficulties that they could face against Zaragoza. A "Be careful with me" message that still sounding in the heads of the local players, the draw was the final result thanks to Molina, he saved the defeat in the last second, but ?“scar also was responsible since he failed to score the second goal at the end of the first half. Zaragoza reached a historical record of seven away matches without a defeat, but the point have a bad taste. It doesn't help the squad in their European quest and it wasn't enough reward to the best team on the pitch: Zaragoza. Jorge Oto.

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