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11 May 2009
The European hopes remain intact thanks to the win at the Nuevo Colombino, Lotina and the player were content, but they also admitted that Deportivo wasted too many occasions, something that forced the squad to suffer during the final minutes.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was explaining that the calmness had by his team was the factor that decided the game, "We are a quiet team when we have the ball, and we don’t divide it with the rival. They had anxiety when we had some tranquility. In the first part we were wrong on many occasions. We corrected that for the second half, we changed the speed as we got closer to the area and we imposed tranquility at our zone. Usually, this is uncomfortable for the rival when we are the side having that parsimony.?

The Basque manager still hopeful about the European chances of Deportivo, "We made a good game and we deserved more goals, but in the end Recreativo almost equalise it. If we continue playing like this, feeling the same sensations, and working as we did now, we can do it, but it will be tough." 

At the same time, Lotina was feeling sorry due the complicate situation that Recreativo is facing, "I am angry for the situation of Recre, but not because it is Recreativo, but for their position at the drop zone. But you have to fight until the last matchday. When I arrived to Real Sociedad, we had very few points and we didn’t go down until the final matchday. They must stand up and be united, now all seems wrong, but they can win in Soria and a new door could be opened. Hopefully, Recreativo will save itself"

Filipe Luis, without doubt the best player in the game, was very active and was involved in the plays of both goals, he was saying that Depor deserved the victory, "When a team comes out with ambition, things go well, we deserved to win and in the end football was fair, but we suffered because we should have sentenced before. We knew how to seize the anxiety of Recreativo."

The Brazilian also commented the play of the second goal, ?All ended well, but we also had good fortune, when I made the play, I only had the goal in my mind, but the ball was deflected, thank God that Pablo (Alvarez) was there to just push it. Now we must dream. If we win two of the last three remaining games, maybe we could enter to UEFA.?

Meanwhile, Pablo Alvarez was explaining his doubts during the play of the second goal, ?I wasn’t sure if the ball was going in or not, and I just wanted to be sure, but all the merit was for Filipe. At the end I decided to touch the ball and people has told me the ball was going out. It meant three important points for us. I am content and all the goals are important. In the end what matters is to see the team adding.?

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia was assuring that Deportivo deserved the victory, ?A draw wouldn’t be a fair result, we scored an early goal and we had plenty occasions, even two shots to the post… though it is also true that when you fail a lot, this kind of things happen, but it wouldn’t be fair. The true is that this victory allows us to keep dreaming.?

Joan Verd??, who scored the first goal in the game, was explained how he failed the shot that hit the crossbar and that could have meant the 1-3 in the scoresheet, ?It was the easiest one and it was a shame to not have succeeded, because we suffered in the end.? He also commented the play of his goal, ?The ball was at my left side, and I had to strike it with my left leg, then I thought about trying to chip the ball and it went well.?

The ex-Barcelona also said that he still doesn’t know anything about his renewal, "I just try to do my job at the best possible way, to do it well, but clearly at this point anyone would like to know their future. It can be a long negotiation and I try to not be affected inside the field."

Mexican winger Andr?s Guardado was also happy for the win, but he assured that Depor wasted too many opportunities to achieve a bigger win, ?We played our own game and we waited for our opportunities, but we were able to kill it before. We had enough occasions to win the game with clarity, but we must keep working.?

Juan Rodr?guez knows the victory is important in order to keep dreaming of Europe, but the ex-Malaga man knows the team must keep fighting, ?We were better with the minutes passing. Now Europe is there, but we must keep fighting until the last matchday.?

At Recreativo, coach Lucas Alcaraz was complaining about the lack of mentality at his squad, ?We can not allow two goals in each game played at home, because later we are too anxious and we aren’t able to win the games just when we need the results. Now we must try to win in Soria, we have to think about how we can defeat Numancia. I see my team prepared for that.?

Rafa Barber was saying that Recreativo suffered a lot since it had to fight against the score during big part of the game, ?Normally, we start the game allowing goals and it is difficult to continue in this way, but we did the difficult part, which was to tie the actions and we reached half-time willing to go out for everything at the second part, but then they took the lead again and that was a hard hit, it was hard to reach the tie, the game was wide open, they had their and chances, so do we, but it couldn’t be.?




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