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13 May 2009
For the first time in five years, Depor is passing the mark of 55 points in a liga tournament. The Galician team is also near to break the mark of goals scored in the last half-decade. It could also end above the eighth place for the first since 2004.

Statistically, this has been the best year of Deportivo within the last five seasons. On the 2005/2006 campaign the squad added 55 points, now it already clinched 56 and with three matches still remaining in the calendar. That’s the highest mark since the 71 points added with Javier Irureta during the season 2003/2004. The Galician team is also near to end above the eighth place, something that hasn’t occurred since the years of the Champions League (1999-2004).

Another thing to emphasise is that Depor has scored 46 goals on the liga season, it’s the lowest mark between the sides fighting for a European place (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Atletico, Depor, Villarreal and Malaga), but at least is among the highest marks of Depor within the last five years. On the season 2005/2006, the squad scored 47 goals, now the Galician team only needs two more goals to surpass that record.

Actually, if Depor scores four more goals in the remaining three games on the season, the team will reach the mark of 50 goals in one single liga tournament for the first time since the season 2003/2004, campaign in which Irureta’s Deportivo ended la liga with 60 goals in favour.

The only mark that seems won’t be surpassed is the number of goals allowed, so far Deportivo has leaked 44 goals in 35 liga matches. On the past season the squad allowed 47 goals, and in both seasons with Joaqu?­n Caparr??s, the team received 45 goals, this means that Depor will have to achieve three clean sheets in the last three matches in order to break the best mark of the last half-decade.

Finally, Depor accumulates 13 clean sheets on the present liga season, the best mark within the last five seasons was achieved with Caparr??s during the season 2006/2007 (16), meaning that Depor will need three more in the last three matchdays in order to tie the mark.



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