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14 May 2009
Depor’s squad is fulfilling its week number 47 of the season and on Wednesday it completed 300 training sessions. Eduardo Dom?­nguez analysed at La Voz De Galicia the keys to face a long campaign as the present one.

On July 2nd 2008, Deportivo officially started the season 2008/2009 as the players started to attend to the training session. The Galician club was the first one in Spain to beginning a pre-season stage, this since Depor was playing the Intertoto Cup at the end of that month. Now, ten months later, coach Miguel Angel Lotina is satisfied and considers that his team is training better than even before.

The physical coach of the team, Eduardo Dom?­nguez, talked to newspaper La Voz De Galicia and analysed the keys to keep a strong team in a season so long like the present one, starting with the duration of the trainings, "It was somewhat expected that on this year, the volume of training was going to be broad and that we were going to balance the rests in order to not saturate the team. We wanted to see that a normal training day wouldn’t be just one more day. We seek more dynamic training strategies, shortest sessions in time, with more work with the ball. The idea is that the player should still enjoy their work and that this fact should be influencing the team in order to keep the freshness, especially mentally and physically, this in order to bring joy to the games we still have to play."

Dominguez also said that one of the problems is to control the will of the players, this since some of them want more work than the needed one, "There are times of the year in which we must demand more work load, and the players say they don’t want more, now is the opposite: we have to say to them that enough is enough, that the work must be regulated, but they then go to the changing room and start to play football-volley. Even so, there’s no problem, this is good. We work to see the team having a physical state as regular as possible throughout the year, but it isn’t worthy if in the last four or five weeks, the team breaks down."

In previous weeks it was feared that Depor was already feeling the consequences of the long season, but the latest results are appointing that the squad is reaching the end of la liga with a good shape. For Dominguez a key moment was the game at Bilbao, "Despite the fact that after the defeats against Atletico and Espanyol people began to say the players were tired, that there were no rotations, but we never got nervous. We can’t just see the results in the short term, we must see beyond. I thought the team needed a victory, which turned to be the one at San Mam?©s, result that was very good for us as the team returned to recover and restore its optimism for to fight in Europe. Because no one argued during the summer that we were going to be fighting with Valencia, Villarreal and Atletico, but here we are."

A statistical fact that has called the attention is to see the team scoring 29 of its 49 goals during the second halves, however for Dominguez this isn’t a fact that proves the good shape of the players, "The readings of the pace of work of a team during the second part don’t depend so much on its physical state, but of the game itself. If the score is on favour or against, if we are playing at home or outside. The important thing is that the team will say: we now have the ability to increase the pace of work and we do it. Or to say: now we should reduce the pace and control the game, and we also have that capability, then it can recover and restore a high pace. I think the team is ready for that."

Another thing pointed out by Dominguez is that Depor’s main advantage is to not been feeling the obligation and therefore the pressure to qualify to Europe, "The environment of the club, the media and ourselves, have generated a sense of tranquility regardless to Europe. Atletico and Villarreal did have the obligation to qualify. The players know they are at a unique moment. The coaches are very excited to be in Europe again. And the players know that their prestige and the one of the club are important and don’t want to lower the arms. There is a good pace and self exigency. This group is working very well in this regard. For me, after the years I have spent in football, this is the calmer moment that I have experienced during the last matchdays of a season. "

Finally, Dom?­nguez was giving a hint about the duration of the vacation period during the upcoming summer, "The topics say that a football team can not endure such a long season. In our case once we finish the league on May 31, is over. It’s necessary to switch off, mentally, because if not, the players will come on the next season without time to think about something else. We are also looking at what point we will begin the next one. For example, if we end sixth, the first game will be on July 27, but if we do not qualify at the end ... But whatever happens we must be happy and remain the same until the end.â€?



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