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15 May 2009
Third official game for Michel at Primera Divisi??n, he was concern because his team was losing tension during the week. At the other side, Lotina was once again requesting for the fans’ support.

Jos?© Miguel Gonz??lez Mart?­n del Campo â€?Michel’ is a former Real Madrid player that achieved 15 titles during his career at the Madrilenian club. He debuted at the first team during the year 1981 and retired in 1997 at Mexican club Atletico Celaya. Then he started to work as commentator at Televisi??n Espa?±ola (TVE) and for the summer of 2005, he signed as the coach of Rayo Vallecano at Segunda B.

The Madrid-born ex-right winger didn’t achieve the promotion to Segunda and left his job in 2005, this in order to take control of Real Madrid’s B squad (Real Madrid Castilla). After one year there, he was promoted to the role of director of the youth teams at the club, job that he left a couple of months ago in the middle of the polemic after he accused ex-president Ram??n Calder??n of not been paying attention to the youth teams. The game at the Riazor just represents his third match as a coach at Primera Divisi??n, but he has enough experience in the division as he accumulated 404 appearances as a player.

A curious story emphasised by the media during the week is that Michel was the main reason why Laure left Real Madrid a few seasons ago, the right-back went to Legan?©s for the season 2006/2007, because Michel didn’t want him at Real Madrid Castilla, one season later he arrived to Deportivo B and then to Depor’s first squad.

About Miguel Angel Lotina, the Basque coach accumulates five straight matches in liga without been defeated, he already achieved that mark twice at Depor, in one opportunity during the past season and the other at the first round of the present tournament.  His best mark at Primera Division is eight straight games without a defeat, something he achieved twice, firstly with Osasuna (2001-2002) and later with Celta (2003-2004). In order to tie his personal mark, Lotina needs to end undefeated during the last three matchdays of the present season.

Depor’s coach talked on Friday after the training session, he gave the impression that no changes will be made to the starting lineup, �The team is working fine, we are achieving good results and we won’t make further changes. I am very calmed because I see things fine. We are very well in all the positions, with the exception of the striking zone, with a lot of people fit to play and this situation gives me confidence.�

Later the Basque coach explained the case of striker Lassad, player that wasn’t picked for the match "It seemed that today he was better, but he made a gesture and then he noticed a problem. He isn’t fit to play, because he can not do everything normally, and has trained very little."

The coach was also trying to keep alive the dream of the Champions League, �We all know the importance of this match, we have clear in our minds that it is fundamental for our aspirations, we are focused, very involved and we know for what we are playing for.�

Once again, and as he did in past occasions, Depor’s manager was calling for the support of the fans, �They have always been there and haven’t reproached us when we have done things wrong, that's very important. We need them to push us, to encourage us to victory; I believe that it is the key. The full details of attending with banners or T-shirts motivate us and force us to be more involved."

About the rival that’s visiting the Riazor, Lotina was saying that Michel is bringing back the lost identity of the Madrilenian club, �Getafe had two tremendous seasons with the quality players they have. Now things have been complicated for them and I think that with the change of coach, they are returning to the football saw with both, Laudrup and Schuster. They are returning to be the team they were before."

Finally, Lotina was asked about the rumour that was linking Barca’s Bojan Krkic with Depor, he didn’t want to admit any negotiation for the player, but he admitted conversations with Barcelona in a general sense, �We have spoken with Barca, with (Real) Madrid, Valencia and Atletico (Madrid) and some names have came out, I will not confirm the case of Bojan, because I think they will keep him. As the case with Lafita came out pretty well, we will try to repeat it with other players who barely perform in big teams."

Getafe’s coach gave a press conference on Thursday, he firstly analysed the situation with the injured players, â€?Gavil??n won’t be ready, Alb?­n has trained and we will see (he was discarded at the end) and Celestini is fit and will play. Whatever he’s missing in a physical aspect will be compensated with his compromise, he is a very important player for us.â€?

The victory against Osasuna is giving more confidence to the squad, but the coach thinks it could be something dangerous, �I have noticed a change that sometimes turns to be a negative one. The lack of tension has turned into confidence and that’s bad. During the week we have regained security and concentration. I prefer to be more conservative and more realistic and think that the three points that interest us are those against Depor, also to think that we’re able to add the points against Numancia and Racing, but with the points I now count are the ones against Depor, with all my compliments to the team of Lotina "

Michel was showing his happiness because Granero will be able to play the game after la liga lifted the yellow card he picked against Osasuna, �The whole week we tried to take it off, and finally it occurred, I think it was fair. I’m pleased and it’s good for the team, but regardless to the decisions of the committees, I am respectful and I have a vision, but it’s blue ...�

The Madrid-born coach was also praising the level of Depor, �It is a team that’s close to enter to the UEFA, with chances of reaching the Champions League and that plays good football. A solid team that has changed the dynamics of last season. Lotina knew how to turn back the situation as he leaves the rival play its game. In order to win, we need to have responsibility and to be loyal with our intentions. After the last victory, we have broken the dam that prevented us from giving the best of every player and now we’re better, but not saved yet.�



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