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24 May 2009
Despite Depor’s defeat and complicate situation towards Europe, the papers applauded the work done by Depor at the Sanchez Pizju??n, this since Lotina’s side tied up a rival considered as one of the strongest ones in la liga.

La Voz De Galicia: Control without spark. Ambition without reward. Europe is moving away, but Deportivo showed in its penultimate match of the season many of the virtues exhibited throughout the season, and also some of its vices. It controls the game, is an ordered side, and forces the rival to seem worse than it actually is. It did it like that with Sevilla during the first part and the final section of the match, until the rival found a gift of the referee that provided the win that the previous rain of opportunities couldn’t do earlier.  It’s difficult to remember the scoring opportunities created by the Galician squad. Few. Regardless of the possible penalty over Pablo ?lvarez, Depor barely stepped into the rival’s area and neither forced Palop to work in excess. Still, in a field as complex as the S??nchez Pizju??n and against an opponent that occupies the third place, it had an exemplary behavior. Jos? M. Fern??ndez.

La Opini??n A Coru?a: Depor fells down in both legs. Deportivo gave hard battle to Sevilla during the first part, without failing in defense and looking towards the goal of Palop every time it had the opportunity. The Andalusian team took over the weight of the game, predictably, but only generated danger through the counterattack. Whenever the local team armed its attack from behind, it met a rival that was ordered and well planted on the pitch. The defensive success was the most positive thing in the first forty-five minutes. Depor offered in attack fewer things, but never resigned the ball possession in order to try to reach the opposite goal. Pablo Alvarez and Guardado were responsible for widening the field to distract Sevilla’s defence, very advanced on the pitch to drown the ideas of the Galician team. Besides of adding things in the offensive tasks, both wingers were also multiplied in the work of contention, showing their solidarity to make the coverage to their team mates. In destruction the contribution of Juan Rodriguez was particularly decisive, he balanced the centre of the field.

After the pause, the team of Miguel Angel Lotina continued well positioned and converted the order into its main symbol of identity. Gradually, Sevilla started to attack; it advanced more the line of pressure and had several occasions to put the scoresheet in its favor. Aranzubia returned, again, to save the blue and white team, which after twenty minutes of thickness, again started to believe in itself. Depor took advantage the match was broken to squeeze the speed of Guardado and explore the counterattack, and also the one of Riki after the Madrilenian entered to the pitch. The meeting became a real highway. There was no pause and the match was opened for any side. Any detail could decide the game and Lotina pulled of Valer??n in search of a glimmer of light from the Canarian.

Depor did the most difficult thing as it endured the rain throughout eighty minutes, and it decided to stretch itself searching for the miracle. It did less than Sevilla to deserve the win, but it had the opportunity to overcome Valencia in the standings. So it tried to play with its options taking advantage of Valer??n’s vision, Guardado’s mobility and Riki’s explosiveness. At times it gave the impression the visitors could reach the goal, through the counterattack or in set-pieces. The Galician team was brave at the end and put fear in the body of the local fans. When Depor was better and was feeling more comfortable, the 1-0 was scored and dashed the Galician hopes of adding points at the Pizju??n. The work of Lotina’s men was impeccable, especially in defensive tasks. It lacked forcefulness and decisiveness in the final meters, but otherwise there is little to criticize a team that left the skin over the grass. Eugenio Cobas.

AS:: Perotti, a kid that Sevilla rescued from the bottom of the Argentine football, signed the third-place and the direct qualification for the Champions. The coaches rescued the Argentine during the winter window and destiny is now justifying the maneuver. ?The Greyhound? has been one of the surprises of the league and last night he broke the pace of a meeting that was open until the last minute.

It was very hard for Sevilla to overcome Deportivo, a well planted rival, serious in its actions and willing to sour the festive evening. The first part left in the air a duel with less excitement and spark than the expected one. Depor was moving the ball with ease at midfield, with Sergio coming from behind Verd?? and Guardado. Juan Rodriguez was responsible for plugging the gaps. However, their good intentions were killed when they approached the territory of Palop. Aranzubia appeared in the key moments. In the second half he saved a header of Luis Fabiano that seemed unattainable. With the entry of Perotti, the wings were activated. Navas took the responsibility and between both players, they created the brighter appearances.

Depor kept the faith in what it was doing, without the slightest break before the attacks from the rival. Guardado, through a couple of set-pieces, scared the local fans to death. The meeting was still open, the festival, frozen, and Atletico Madrid pushing from behind. Then the goal came through the force of Adriano, without doubt, the best replacement for Alves to all who have been tested in that position during this year. He put a ball to the back of the central defenders, surprised by the arrival of Perotti that grazed the offside. In that sigh the game ended and so la liga for the Andalusians, the party started and eliminated the debate on Jimenez. Sevilla fulfilled its objective and looks to the future now…. and its bench. Depor still has a bullet. V?ctor Fern??ndez.

Diario de Sevilla: Neither Sevilla nor Deportivo, although they needed the win and barely the draw, especially the Galicians, were imposed against the opponent, with some exceptions. Specifically, it was a period of about twenty minutes just starting the second half. Moment that coincided with the entry of Perotti for Diego Capel, the locals pressed the accelerator and were able to put Lotina’s ordered team surrounded in its own area. Then Sevilla tightened up the situation and was repeatedly near the goal. The clearest occasion was for Duscher, who couldn’t elude Aranzubia, but Luis Fabiano was also close to score in a header that ended in the post after the goalkeeper’s intervention.

It was a moment in which Sevilla imposed itself, perhaps the only one in which one of these two teams was able to step forward to take the opponent's field. The rest was close fight at the top with no clear dominator. And all of this taking in mind that Jimenez put on the pitch all he had, with those two forwards and the two wingers so demanded by the environment, even Adriano playing on the right side. But that only served to see a Galician superiority in the centre of the field, until the entrance of Perotti. But that, at this stage, represents a late analysis, the only important thing now is that Sevilla, the one of Jim?nez, finished as champion of the League of others.



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