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24 May 2009
The European chances of Depor are now more complicated, but Lotina and the players were feeling content with the game practiced by the squad. At Sevilla, Jimenez was hoping to clarify his future at the Andalusian club.

No matter Deportivo lost big part of its aspirations to qualify to the Europa league, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was saying that he was content with the performance of his team, "The game was for the side scoring one goal. As the game was passing, we knew that the draw wasn’t good for us. Sevilla deserves the third place. I am not disappointed, because my team was fine. Maybe we were a little disconnected during the second part, but in a general sense, we were fine."

The Basque manager was explaining his instructions to the players ahead of the match, "I told the players that, beyond the standings, the important thing was what they would do on the field. We moved the ball, we had our occasions; we were much focused and only conceded a few chances to the opposition, in which Aranzubia was very well. But we didn’t score. In the end they went out for the game and scored against us. The match was for the side able to score a goal. It’s something to be more than satisfied. Not only for today, but for the effort done throughout the season."

Regardless the possibility of clinching the last spot to Europe, Lotina is pessimistic, ?Athletic (Bilbao) spent these months thinking about the Cup, and are now lying in a pool. I knew they would lose against Atl?tico (Madrid). If you do not play for anything, it's normal. Besides, Valencia plays for a lot of things in the last matchday."

Pablo ?lvarez, who was a starter in the game, was complaining of the penalty that wasn’t whistle by Clos Gomez, ?It was a play in which two players were pushing each other for the ball, they touched me inside the area and I felt down to the ground, I would have whistled a penalty.?

Like the case of Lotina, the winger was praising the game displayed by the Galician team, "Deportivo gave the face. We did a good job, but so they did, they are very good. We defended well but in the end they scored, what can we do? The match was very tight. The stadium was crowded and the atmosphere was spectacular. For us the goals are now complicated. It is very difficult for us to play the UEFA, but we must try to beat Barca, and will see. "

Filipe Luis, who is near to complete the mark of playing as starter all the games in liga, was saying that Deportivo deserved a better result, ?I believe the draw would have been the fairest result. But no matter what happens in the last game at the Riazor, the season has been very good.?

The Brazilian was very emphatic when he was asked if now, Deportivo must be depending on Caparr??s and his Athletic Bilbao, ?We still have options but I don’t think we can rely on Caparr??s. Next year we have to be better. Let’s pray we will save ourselves as soon as possible.?

Daniel Aranzubia, meanwhile, was having his own complains due the last-minute goal of Sevilla, ?I can not say if he was in offside or not, because from my position, I couldn’t watch it. It’s a pity the defeat came just in the moment when we had more control over the game.?

Sevilla’s coach, Manolo Jim?nez, was trying to see a ray of light in his upcoming future, ?I have achieved the goal and I would like to see Del Nido coming out to say what he has to say, because I had my options to sign for a big club, but I love Sevilla and I always wanted to be here. I asked Del Nido to not be paid if we wouldn’t end in the third place. I don’t know if I am going to renew my contract or not.?

The hero of the game, Diego Perotti, couldn’t believe he was the one that scored the goal that meant the third place for Sevilla, "I didn’t expect this and less scoring through a header, which is not my strength. I never imagined it, not even when I played football in the yard of my childhood, or anything like that. I will always remember this night and enjoy it with my family. I will enjoy this with them, because they made possible my presence here, always supporting me on the bad moments that I have pass through. "




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