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28 May 2009
Mista is living his shortest season at Primera Divisi??n, with only 13 matches played and a single goal scored. He already started to train after surpassing a pubalgy case, but he won’t be ready for Saturday. Now he hopes the following campaign will be a new start for him.

?If I would have had five more matchdays, I would have been ready to play.? That was the affirmation of Miguel ?ngel Ferrer ?Mista’ when he was asked about his current physical state and the possibility of been ready to play against Barcelona. The Ex-Valencia was promising to be a reference in attack after he scored the opening goal of the season against Real Madrid.

But later he couldn’t repeat the performance of the first matchday, no matter the confidence that coach Lotina always had on him. The Murcian forward was a normal starter at the beginning of the season, but he could only complete 13 appearances in liga after he sustained a pubalgy problem at the start of this year.

He played for the last time on February 18, Depor was having a mini-crisis due the injury cases affecting the striking zone, and the attacker decided to risk no matter he wasn’t fit to play the first-leg game against AaB for the UEFA Cup. In the end he only lasted 62 minutes on the pitch. Since that point the nightmare began. He has been struggling and battling between the possibility of passing through surgery and treating the problem just with physical therapy.

He battled for three months until he finally joined the training sessions on the past week. Mista, however, won’t be ready for Saturday’s clash against Barca, at least he already knows that he won’t have to pass through surgery, "The only thing that was discussed with the doctors was to see my state on this week, and to decide if I was going to be operated or not, but as I am training and as I’m feeling, the true is that an operation has been completely discarded. Now I just want to continue working during the summer so that when we come back, I’ll be at one hundred percent? He said to reporters.

Mista understands that he has lost the confidence of Lotina, but assures that’s ready to fight for a spot ahead of the upcoming season, ?It’s normal that now, the coach isn’t naming me in his plans, because I’ve been out for a long time, and the fact the coach is counting with me or not it’s something I have to earn by myself. I’ve spoken with him, everything is fine, and now, is time to work. I just think of returning to training and to be ready, to put things hard to the coach, which ultimately is what I have to do."



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