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31 May 2009
Lotina was content with his team despite been losing the chance to qualify to Europe, some of the players were also content, while others were feeling sorry because Depor deserved a better result in this game.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was feeling satisfied with his team despite not been able to conquer the qualification to Europe, ?Today, we wanted to play as we did in the whole year. We played well, sometimes with depth and a sense of danger. We didn't give too many chances in defence, we were helping each other, but in the end Barcelona scored a goal, because they know how to seize any chance. However I'm pleased with this game and with the whole season."

The Basque coach also wanted to praise the work done by Guardado, ?I always ask him to bring some goals, but also to help in defence and he’s doing this. He is a great player and when we have an important match, he appears. He’s a great player and we’re lucky to have him. I am pleased with his work.?

Later, Lotina admitted that Verd?? and Lafita are leaving Deportivo, ?If they offer you 40% more, would you stay? Normal people think carefully about these things. Verd?? wanted to stay, but an important offer as appeared. We must thank him for his growth and for the things he gave to us. Let’s hope he will stay, but I’m afraid it won’t be like that. The case of Lafita is the same, His contract is like we know and surely he’s leaving. He also grew with us and we must thank him.?

Meanwhile, central defender Z? Castro was feeling sorry because Depor won’t play in Europe during next season, ?Others have been better than us and we weren’t able to enter to the UEFA.? The Portuguese player also had a few words for his team mates that are leaving the club, ?It was a pleasure to share the changing room with them.?

Andr?s Guardado exchanged his shirt with his friend Lafita and said he will miss him, ?Maybe he could go out, and I appreciate him.? The Mexican was also feeling content with the game displayed by the team during the season, ?No matter we weren’t able to achieve the UEFA spot, the true is that we were able to surpass the expectations.?

Similar was the feeling of Rodolfo Bodipo, striker that was in the door out at the beginning of the campaign and that ended as starter and scoring the last Depor’s goal of the season, ?In a personal sense, I enjoyed with our football, and we’ve demonstrated to have European options until the last match.?

Left-back Filipe Luis was feeling that Deportivo lost two points in the game after the game displayed on the pitch, ?We had a lot of occasions, we defended well and we were perfect, but they are Barcelona and they stole the points from us. It was difficult to qualify to the UEFA, the ones that achieved the pass have a bigger budget but we have won our liga, we never suffered any danger with the relegation.?

Juan Carlos Valer??n was feeling pleased with all the love of the fans, ?I am very happy with their sympathy for me. We wanted to give a good farewell to our people. Looking back, it was a good season and let’s sees if we can’t improve it next year.?

President Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was explaining some market issues, starting with the case of Juca, ?When it seems that everything is closed, you always find little details, but we hope all will be solved soon.? He also denied any interest in Bojan, ?I don’t want to create false expectations to the people.?

The second coach of Barcelona, Tito Vilanova, person that replaced Guardiola on the bench, was saying it was a difficult game for the Catalans, ?It wasn’t an easy match for us, we have played on Wednesday and with all the games we had within the last two months, it wasn’t easy to be focused in the game, but we’ve faced the match with a good mentality.?




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