12 Sep 2009
One of the captains at the team, Manuel Pablo, talked to Depor Sport before the game with Malaga. The Canarian defender was assuring that he doesnít feel like a substitute after Laure played as starter against Real Madrid and hopes to have a chance soon.

Q: The match against Malaga is now at everybodyís mind. Your goal should be to return to the starting squadÖ
A: Yes, itís the same goal for the rest of my team mates, to be the chosen one by the coach. Letís see what happens in the end.

Q: Anyhow, the confidence of the coach in you has been evident; on the past season, as soon as you recovered from an injury, you returned to the starting squad.
A: Yes, but as it happened in that way on the past year, on this one the coach has chosen Laure. I know I will have my chances and what I need to do is to keep training and be prepared when the time comes.

Q: Do you ever feel used to be a substitute?
A: No, you never get used to it. But neither have you to burn yourself nor let yourself go. What you need to do is to train and wait for your opportunity.

Q: Are you physically fit?
A: Yes, I am even better compared to the past year. Thanks God, until know I didnít have any problems with the injuries. I suffered a lot on the past year. I had an injury at the middle and later, when I had ten or eleven straight games playing, I fell down again. This year I didnít have any problem. I feel better.
Q: Arenít you feeling more relaxed now that you signed the renewal?
A: Who knows me know that I never feel relaxed, thatís why I have been on here for so many years, always trying to be a starter. I am not conformist, but neither will I burn myself, and what I need to do is to train hard. I always tried that in order to be prepared for whatever it comes.

Q: Talking about the team and despite that impression against Real Madrid was positive, the team hasnít added yet any point, are you worried by that?
A: Now itís time to confirm the good presentation made at the Bernabťu, and we need to take advantage of these two games that will be played at the Riazor, place where we were a strong side during the past year, and also where we need to be strong again.

Q: How do you see Malaga?
A: It has changed a lot compared to last season, in that sense itís a big question mark, though we knows they made a great game against Atletico Madrid in the opening day in liga. But for the rest, they have made a lot of changes and we donít have references if they have changed their style of playing.

Q: Do you think that Deportivo is in a great level in order to face the new season?
A: We have a good team, with almost the same base of the past year and I believe the goal is the same. The team must have the same ideas of the past year: going little by little, thinking of been calmed and later to see if we can aspire to higher things. The important thing is to not suffer.

Q: After the game of Spain at the Riazor, donít you think the fans are used to the football at that level?
A: (He laughs) People know what we have. The true is that they have supported us a lot within these last two years. We feel their support and weíre very content with them.

Q: Do you think the risk of relegation is surrounding Deportivo?
A: We completed a good campaign on the past year and letís hope we can repeat it, but there are a lot of teams. You have the giant ones and later you have equality. On the past season we did great things and we keep the same idea, but I donít think we should look ourselves over other teams.

Q: How is the team dealing with the affair Lafita?
A: Right now we are only worried about him. After completing the whole pre-season with us, to see him stopped and training apart is something that only affects him. In that sense we feel screwed, but we suspected that this could happen. We knew this thing was there, anyhow we felt surprised.  



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