28 Feb 2006
Jes??s Mu?oz debuted with Albacete in 1995. Since his arrival to Depor he has been ignored by Irureta and Caparr??s. But Jes??s has waited for a chance and four years later he has finally debuted with the shirt of Deportivo. He passed trough difficult times and now he's enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

Q: How are you after your debut?
A: I always tried to evade the environment, no matter if it's a good or a bad moment. I want to have both feet on the ground and face the situations with a professional mentality.

Q: So you are happy, but with some reserves.
A: Without reserves. I will attend the next training as always and I will keep doing my job as I did it until today. I believe that my work has brought me here and has also converted me into a professional, for that reason the coach trusts in me. I will keep on the same way helping with my effort in an important team like Depor is.

Q: Do you feel hurt when they ask you about your weird situation?
A: I expended a lot of time as a professional player, but it's clear that when you play is when the people notice your presence. Maybe the dark job of being training is a thing that the people doesn't valorise. What matters to me is the support of my teammates.

Q: Do you think that your debut was caused for your merits or just for other circumstances?
A: Still to be a good thing if this was caused for other circumstances. On the last year I was making a good pre-season in the squad, but I had to leave on the last day to Zaragoza. Who knows what would happen if I would stay here. I don't like to think in the past and neither in the future. I will enjoy each training, because in this way I comeback to my home with a happy face everyday, that is what really matters to me.

Q: It will be great to play in Camp Nou, no matter the final result...
A: No... no ... it doesn't matter the stadium, what I like to do is to play with regularly, it's when a player reaches a good level. In fifteen minutes you can do a good work, but with regularly I know that I will reach my objective: to satisfy the coach.

Q: Without too many loan spells, would you had this opportunities?
A: Well... you can think in one thousand conclusions. But I played and I'm happy for it.

Q: Last week the things were ugly for you. Now you will like to stay in Deportivo.
A: It's clear that you pass a bad moment when you are on the other side, but now I only think in defeating Barcelona. To think further...

Q: Do you feel sorry of coming to Deportivo?
A: Nothing similar to that. I never felt sorry of anything, because I have other valorisations. It's true that when you play you are happy, but I met a lot of people and that's a important thing to me. I want to give an image and work in the best way possible. It's important to me the fact of making friends everywhere.

Q: A couple of minutes are enough reward to compensate all the months of suffering?
A: I expended a lot of time out of the pitch and I don't want to thing in weird stuff, because it isn't worthy. I want to be positive and I believe that the people that trust in me is more happy than me.

Q: Do you feel more integrated to the squad now?
A: Obviously if you participate in the game you feel in that way, but since I came to La Coru?a I'm fine.

Q: Isn't the style of Depor an ugly one?
A: That's the football that has been practised on this days, it's difficult to create chances. Take a look to Valencia and Osasuna, they are doing the same and they are up on the table.

Q: Those teams play boring matches.
A: From inside you see the things in other way since the intensity of the game can’t be valorised from outside. Maybe the only team that's different is Barcelona, the rest are more interested in the result since the things are very equal.

Q: If the team continues to play like this, it's possible to see Depor in the final of the copa and in the UEFA cup?
A: We must think also in Zaragoza and Espanyol. Football has been changing in this years and isn't only a thing of Depor. Juventus could become the next European champion and they play in the same way.

Q: Do you see yourself playing at the Camp Nou?
A: I will work for that. I believe that I'm doing a god job, working in the shadows with a professional view.

Q: And if you end out of the list of called players?
A: I trust in my work since the first day. What I have to think is that I will be there.

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