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14 Sep 2009
First win and first clean sheet of Deportivo on the season, but it was a suffered victory against a rival that barely attacked. It was an extraordinary goal from Filipe, nine minutes before full-time was required to seal the victory for Deportivo.

Both coaches sent to the pitch the expected squads. Lotina was repeating the formation that lost at the Bernabéu. Dani Aranzubia was at the goal, Laure at the right-back spot, Filipe on the left side and the duo Lopo-Ze Castro was at the centre of the defence. In midfield Juca and Juan Rodriguez were the two pivotes, Pablo Alvarez was at the right wing, Guardado on the left, Valerón in the playmaking function and Riki was the lonely striker.

At Malaga coach Muñiz trusted in Baha and Forestieri for the attacking positions and also in the moves of Valdo and Duda on both wings. The only surprise in his formation was that Danish Patrick Mtiliga was the starting left-back defender, just when it was supposed that Manu would replace him.

The first fifteen minutes were controlled by the visitors, with Duda taking advantage of the open spaces left by Filipe on the left sector of Depor’ defense. The first attempt to score from the Portuguese winger came at minute 5 with a shot that was controlled by Aranzubia, but immediately Depor reacted  with a cross of Valerón that Riki headed over the crossbar.

Until that point, Juca and Juan Rodríguez were having troubles trying to control the traffic of the ball in midfield, that was the main reason why the ball wasn’t reaching Valerón and also why Depor’s only enjoyed of one chance to score within the first fifteen minutes. But soon everything changed and the Galician side started to reach the opposite goal, mainly thanks to the velocity of Guardado, the mobility of Riki and the guidance of Valerón.

At minute 16, Aranzubia sent a long pass that Guardado transformed into a cross that reached the path of Pablo Alvarez, but the header of the winger was saved by Munúa. That was the last clear opportunity saw during the first half, the rest half an hour was dominated by a Deportivo that had big difficulties to reach Munúa, while the Andalusian team seemed now more interested in speculating through the counterattack.

Neither Filipe nor Laure were active in attack and therefore the major part of the offensive plays were starting on the centre, sector that was always controlled by the visitors. Riki had a couple of interventions, but were invalidated by the referee in polemic decisions that cost a yellow card to the Madrilenian attacker.

The final forty-five minutes were the same story of the first half: Deportivo was trying to have the initiative, but it always missed the needed depth to create a clear chance to break the deadlock, meanwhile Malaga was still insisting in the counterattack, though without giving any trouble to Aranzubia. Actually, Malaga never completed a shot on target during the second half, while Depor only fulfilled two.

The first came until minute 63 as Riki sent a left-foot effort that was controlled by Munúa, shortly before Adrian replaced Pablo Alvarez, move that left the Asturian as the lonely attacker in the formation while Riki started to play as right winger. Later Lassad and Mista, the other two strikers that Lotina had on the bench, entered for Valerón and Riki.

But not even then Depor was able to create a clear opportunity, not even a shot on target as Lotina’s side was stuck in attack. It was only until Filipe started to join the offensive players that Deportivo saw the light at the end of the tunnel. First the Brazilian made a combination with Lassad that almost left him alone against Munúa, and then he scored the lonely goal of the game, action that occurred three minutes after Zé Castro missed the target with a short-range header after a corner taken by Guardado.

Some seasons ago Depor defeated Malaga at the Riazor with an unforgettable scissors-kick goal from Luque, now with the Catalan at the other side of the pitch, it had to be a Brazilian who scored a sensation goal against the Andalusian team. The action was started by Guardado and ended with Filipe Luis firing a rocket from the edge of the area, the ball went from left to right, crossing Munúa and entering at the right corner of the goal.

The goal came at the precise moment, just nine minutes before the final whistle. But Malaga had enough time to tie the actions. The sin of the Andalusian was to be too much conservative during the previous 75 minutes, but with the score against his team, coach Muñiz finally put Obinna on the pitch, and it was the most dangerous moment for the visitors. At minute 86 Nigerian Obinna missed the target from close range, and in the final minute the same Obinna sent a cross that Aranzubia slightly deflected and that Baha sent over the crossbar just when he was alone against the goal. Riazor suffered during the last minutes, but in the end it enjoyed the first win of the season.

Complicate game for Deportivo, again Lotina’s side suffered a lot trying to create clear chances to score, this no matter the Basque manager used four of the five strikers at his squad; but his team was only able to complete four shots on target throughout the game. In the end it was necessary a great goal from a defender, Filipe, to see the Galician side picking up the first three points of the season. Malaga also missed punch in attack and was only dangerous within the first minutes and during the last five minutes of the encounter.

The win is important because it brings confidence to a group that has as goal to go game by game, now Deportivo is in mid-table adding three points in two games. The next match is on Saturday, again at the Riazor and against a RCD Espanyol that arrives to La Coruña after two defeats.

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Laure, Lopo, Zé Castro, Filipe - Juca, Juan Rodríguez - Pablo Álvarez (Adrián 60’), Guardado, Valerón (Mista 78’) - Riki (Lassad 70’).
Málaga: Munúa - Jesús Gámez, Weligton, Gaspar, Mtiliga - Duda (Luque 71’), Juanito, Xavi Torres (Obinna 80’), Valdo, – Baha, Forestieri (Benachoir 52’)
Goal: (81’) Filipe.
Referee: Turienzo Álvarez. He showed yellow card to Gaspar (24’), Valdo (31’), Pablo Álvarez (33’) Riki (43’), Mtiliga (55’), Benachoir (70’) and Munúa (79’)
Venue: Riazor (20,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (58% - 42%); Total shots (13 - 9); Shots on target (4 - 1); Saves by the keepers (1 - 2); Corner-kicks  (1 - 3); Offsides (2 - 5); Fouls committed (15 - 13); Accuracy in the passes (82.81% - 79.07%)



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