19 Oct 2005
Juli??n De Guzm??n is finding his place in La Coru?a. He perfectly understands Spanish, but he still has some trouble speaking it. Now, the Canadian player is asking for more time in order to be totally integrated with the squad; after all, he was living in a totally different environment in Germany.

Q: How are you after the first few games of the season?
A: I'm very satisfied with how things are evolving, as much in the individual aspect as in the collective work. For example, it was a dream to play and draw the last game against Barcelona and I'm content with it, but I know that I can play better, much more of what I'm giving. I still need more time.

Q: How do you feel about playing on the wings instead of in the centre of the field?
A: It's a new position for me, I’ve never played there and for that reason I need more time to adapt. Against Barcelona I played on the two wings and it was complicated, because in the front you have a very offensive team and I had to limit myself, almost to defensive tasks. In other matches in which I have played on the right wing I had the freedom to help more in attacking efforts.  Against Barcelona my function was to stay in my position and if later I could help my partners in attack I could without any problems.

Q: Definitely your preference is to play in the centre of the pitch...
A: Yes, but the coach is the one who decides and I don't have a problem playing in the position that he chooses for me. I have always played in the centre of the field, but now I must adapt to this. I'm learning to play on the wings here in the Spanish league.

Q: In any case you have the ability to play offensively, just when it was said that you were a defensive player.
A: I'm a player who can adapt to any position and I also like to carry out any order that I am given.  I also like to attack when allowed, but that was not my function before, nor was it in the confrontation with Barcelona.

Q: Against Barcelona did you have a hard time on the left side?
A: No, because I always dedicate my efforts to defending and it doesn't cause me any problems, it's what I've always done. The only thing that I want is to help my team in whatever position I’m told to play.

Q: In that game you didn't have a problem either pushing towards the area in the play that preceded the third goal.  Did you believe you could score the goal?
A: Yes. I had that idea in my head and I saw it very clearly. After leaving the second player in the entrance of the area I was watching the goalkeeper.

Q: Nevertheless you ended up passing the ball to your partner Taborda.
A: I saw that he was in a better position to shoot, and besides he's a forward and he's more used to scoring than I am.  So I thought he would do it better than me. It was bad luck that the ball hit the woodwork, but in the end it went to Rub?n and luckily we managed to draw.

Q: You’re conscious of the fact that your best form has yet to been seen.  Will we see the best of De Guzm??n before the season ends?
A: I hope so and I really have a great desire to show it as soon as possible. In any case, after two months in the squad I understand very well the style of game that's played in Spain. I still need just a little bit more time to figure out certain concepts.

Q: What can we expect for the rest of the season?
A: I don't really know, but we’re working to fulfill our goal and for this reason we are giving a good effort in each game.

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