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22 Sep 2009
Maybe the best news of the defeat against Espanyol was to witness the goals scored by Adrian and Lassad, two players in whom Lotina has a lot of hopes ahead for the new season.

On Saturday they never coincided on the pitch, but it’s sure that both players will perform together soon. That’s the intention of Miguel Ángel Lotina with Lassad Nouioui (24) and Adrián López (21), two of the main hopes of the Basque man for this season.

Both are retuning after surpassing an injury that kept them sidelined during the pre-season, their presence in the starting lineup is even generating a debate about the possibility to switch the normal 4-2-3-1 system normally implemented by the coach into a 4-3-3 figure, something already experimented during the pre-season.

It’s clear that Lotina is hoping to use this combination in his starting lineups, actually it was what Depor’s coach rescued from the defeat against Espanyol, “There were some good things too, not because we lost all the conclusions must be bad. Lassad received more balls and find support. With him on the field we had more approaches to the area. I've never denied that my idea is to play with Lassad and Adrian. But the injuries will mark the way. Adrian was better, fresher, and that brings us more things, but still isn’t at one hundred percent. The solutions might be there." He said after the match at the Riazor.

Wednesday’s game against Xérez will be too soon for this, but definitely Lotina will give them some minutes on the pitch. In the meantime, both players thank the confidence of the coach, “It’s fine to me to see the coach content with both of us” says Adrian. "Adrian is a fast player and I am more used to play with first touches. We can complement each other.” Lassad added during a conversation with newspaper La Opinión A Coruña.

And it’s that both attackers are conscious about the potential of a combination between their skills, “I seem him more up front and I playing behind him, although he can also play at that position. We can exchange our positions, because we can perform as playmakers. That’s good. Adrian is fast..” Lassad said about this matter.

However, they are cautious when are asked if they are now the new offensive couple of Deportivo, as Adrian said during the interview with La Opinión, “We have to demonstrate it on the pitch. It isn’t enough with just mentioning it. Lassad is a quality player and practices good football. With people like that, as Valerón or Mista, you always feel comfortable on the pitch. But the important thing is to see the team winning. It doesn’t matter who scores the goals.”



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