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23 Sep 2009
Match between two Basques coaches; it’s the sixth confrontation between these two men, so far both have achieved two victories. Lotina promises changes, while Ziganda warns about the counterattacks of Deportivo.

José Ángel Ziganda is living his fourth season at Primera División. He faced the first three with Osasuna, though the last one was really short as he was only able to coach the Navarran squad during six matchdays.  ‘Cuco’ was fired due the poor start of Osasuna (zero wins in six games, only two goals scored) and in early July 2009, he was hired to direct the adventure of Xérez at Primera. Now, he wants to avoid the slow start that cost him the job during the past season

Ziganda and Miguel Angel Lotina have faced each other in five opportunities at Primera, and the balance presents two victories for each side and one draw. Lotina won the first duel (2-1 win of Real Sociedad over Osasuna on the season 2006/2007) and also the fourth one (1-0 win of Depor at Reyno de Navara during the 2007/2008 campaign).  The only draw was the goalless game between Deportivo and Osasuna at matchday 04 of the past season.

Depor’s coach gave a press conference before the trip to Jerez de La Frontera, he was assuring that Depor must change the impression left in the previous game, “Against Espanyol we didn’t give the impression that corresponds to any team, and less to us, the fans only requires us to play well and with intensity. On Sunday, people walked away thinking we had been unwilling, and that's what we can not afford. We have to remove that image."

Lotina didn’t give clues about the lineup during the last training, but he promised changes to the reporters, “Surely we will have modifications, taking advantage that we’re playing on Wednesday and also that some people is working well, I want to see them, though some of the men are not at 100%. I don’t want to give details, because not even the same players know about the plans. I can only tell you that we’ll continue with the same idea in attack: neither Lassad nor Adrian are ready for the ninety minutes. I prefer a player working at the top during sixty minutes compared to another one walking on the pitch during a full match. Later all depends on the development of the game, but my idea is to not use any of them for the ninety minutes.”

The coach was asked about the role of Juan Domínguez at his squad, and he responded that, “We only have three games in liga. You have to make the players little by little. It’s like the case of Iván Pérez, who will be important at his moment. I already said that Juan Dominguez will be important at Depor, but right now the best is to continue like this, we’re still waiting for  Antonio Tomás. I remember that in the first year I was here, Verdú spent a lot of time on the bench, and now we all miss him. Also Lafita… la liga is a long competition.”

A thing that the ex-Celta manager wanted to clarify is that Depor can’t despite the rival due to their situation, “We need to be competitive, if we think they are a recent promoted club having zero points, then we already started to lose the game. We must avoid that picture. Espanyol was also coming in a pretty bad situation and look the lesson they taught to us.”

Finally, Lotina denied any negotiation for Giovani Dos Santos, who has been appointed as the possible substitute for Lafita, “Right now there is no interest, neither an advanced negotiation nor a recently started conversation. Right now I don’t want to talk of it, because we have a game tomorrow, and that’s my only concern.”

The Basque coach talked to reporters after Tuesday’s training session, he was sending a message of confidence to his attackers after he was reminded that Xérez is the only side that hasn’t scored yet on the liga season, “It’s just a matter of confidence. I see quality and the will to shot on target. We can’t despair, neither to give up, we just have to insist and fight for all the games.”

What concerns Ziganda is the capacity of Deportivo to play on counterattacks, “Deportivo has an experienced coach and also a very ordered team, they know how to move the ball on the wings and can kill you with the counterattacks. It’s an experienced team, a rival that never despairs and that invites the rival to lose the hope. It’s true that we have to enjoy this season, but we must ask for more aggressiveness. The rivals are playing at our level and they are winning the games. We must demand things from ourselves.”

Finally, he assured that Depor and Xérez are coming to this game trying to clean up the last defeats in liga, “We must win or… Deportivo is coming hurt for its defeat, same than us, therefore we need to make a nice match. We need more things in order to add points and we must demonstrate this. We need to keep playing good football, but at the same time we need to achieve good results, which is ultimately my job.”



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