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24 Sep 2009
Important victory of Deportivo in Jerez de La Frontera; the game of Lotina’s team didn’t improve too much compared to the match against Espanyol, but this time the players knew how to define the things through the stationary plays.

Lotina promised modifications in the lineup and he fulfilled his word as the half of the team was changed compared to the formation that lost against Espanyol. Manuel Pablo, Sergio, Pablo Álvarez, Colotto and Lassad were entering to the starting formation, while Laure, Juan Rodriguez, Riki, Zé Castro and Valerón were reserved.

It was a 4-4-2 scheme, with Dani Aranzubia at the goal, Manuel Pablo occupying the right-back position, Filipe staying on the left, while Diego Colotto and Albert Lopo were the central defenders. Juca and Sergio were the pivotes, Pablo Alvarez was returning to the right wing and Andrés Guardado was still playing on the left. Finally, the duo in attack was composed by Adrián and Lassad, with the Tunisian playing behind the Asturian.

Of the eleven starters, three were debuting on the present season: Manuel Pablo, Sergio and Colotto. In Xérez, Mario Bermejo was the chosen one in order to play in attack, while Giancarlo Maldonado was on the bench. Ex-Depor Momo was part of the starting eleven, while Emilio Viqueira was sited on the bench.

It was an equal first part, with two sides that were trying to have the ball possession and to dominate the opponent; however the poor conditions of the grass conditioned their efforts. Actually only two shots on target were completed within the first forty-five minutes. The true is that despite the changes Lotina’s side wasn’t improving the poor image of the past game with Espanyol, the difference on this occasion was that Xérez is a more limited squad in attack.

The only shot on target made by the locals was an attempt of Gioda after a pass of Abel, action that was controlled by Aranzubia (9’). The rest was a grey game practiced by both sides, in the local team Bermejo wasn’t appearing and the only attempt from Víctor Sánchez was a wide shot at the start of the game (11’). Momo was a little more active, but he was alone to be causing a real damage against a defensive line that was never put under pressure.

At Depor, the highly expected duo of Adrián and Lassad passed unnoticed, the only appearance of Lassad was after a cross of Sergio that the Tunisian headed over the crossbar (34’). Adrián was a little more active, but without having a clear chance against Renan, while Guardado was appearing from time to time causing troubles on the left wing.

In this way the lonely goal of the first part had to come in a stationary play, which is the specialty of Juliano Roberto Antonello ‘Juca’. It was after a foul of Moreno over Filipe at the edge of the area; the Brazilian took the free-kick and sent a perfect shot that went directly into the top-corner of Renan. This is the first goal of Juca at Primera División.

The rest of the first half was a real boredom, with two sides that were missing too many passes and that ended releasing long passes that were easily controlled by the rivals. Both teams were missing a leader in midfield, someone capable of bringing a pause and the needed depth to guide the attacks.

‘Cuco’ Ziganda was not happy at all with the performance of his midfielders, that’s why he replaced Vicente Moreno and Abel with Armenteros and ex-Depor Emilio Viqueira. And the modifications strengthened the local side; just second after the pause Armenteros was close to score with a mid-distance shot that passed near to the post.

Five minutes later Carlos Calvo was shooting from close range after a pass from Bermejo, but his crossed shot went wide. At the 57th minute, a free-kick of Viqueira was sent to the path of Armenteros, but his right-footed effort went out. Once again Deportivo was having a slow start, the first approximation of the Galicians in this half came until minute 59; it was a header of Lopo after a corner-kick of Guardado that was stopped by Renan.

It was a very different game now, Xérez was putting pressure to Depor’s defensive wall and the visitors were trying to take advantage of the open spaces in order to define the game through a counterattack. At minute 60, Bermejo was close to score after a good cross from Momo, but his header from close-range missed the target.

In the next play Adrián missed a great chance to score the second goal, he was going to face Renan one-on-one after referee Pérez Burrull didn’t whistle what it seemed to be a clear offside, but the Asturian was too slow and lost the ball against David Prieto. Then Lotina made his first substitution sending Antonio Tomas to the pitch replacing Lassad, something than meant to switch the system into a 4-3-3.

It was a move that was trying to block the suffocating game of the locals in midfield, because the entries of Armenteros and Emilio Viqueira improved the game of Ziganda’s team and now they were playing closer to Aranzubia. Despite the pressure, Depor was feeling comfortable with its role of team playing on counterattacks, at the 65th minute a combination between Adrián and Juca almost end in goal, but Leandro Gioda cleared the danger just when the Brazilian was waiting for the cross.

The key moment of the game occurred between minutes 70 and 72, first Mario Bermejo had the clearest chance for the local team after collecting a pass from Momo, the striker controlled the ball with the chest and released a shot that Aranzubia barely touched and that hit the post later. The next play meant the second goal for the visitors after an attempt from Filipe ended in a corner-kick for the visitors, the resulting cross from Sergio was headed inside the area by Argentine Leandro Gioda, but instead of clearing the danger he sent the ball to the back of his own net after feeling the pressure of Lopo.

Then both coaches sent a striker to the pitch, Lotina did it replacing Adrian with Riki, while Ziganda was sending out a midfielder –Carlos Calvo- allowing the entry of Venezuelan Giancarlo Maldonado. Now the locals were playing with two strikers at the same time, but the true is that the second goal was a pitch of cold water for Xérez; because Ziganda’s team never regained the control they had at the start of the second half.

Actually Depor even had time to score a third goal, in this opportunity the scorer was Riki after the Madrilenian headed a perfect corner-kick coming from Juca. It is the second goal in liga for the ex-Getafe striker. For the final eight minutes, Lotina allowed the appearance of Iván Pérez, who replaced Guardado on the left wing.

A fourth goal was near to come, but the short-range effort of Juca after a pass from Riki hit a rival (88’), and later the cross of Iván Pérez was close to end in a new own goal after David Prieto was trying to clear the danger (89’).

Relieving win for a Deportivo that needed the three points in order to stay out of troubles, the true is that the final result is a little deceiving after the pressure put by Xérez at the start of the second half. But the shot to the post of Bermejo followed by the own goal of Gioda were the factors that decided the game. To have in mind that the three goals of the visitors were conquered in set-pieces. It’s the first 0-3 away win for Depor since the one against Real Betis achieved on the past campaign.

The result is leaving Depor in a comfortable seventh place (6 points), while Xérez continues at the bottom of the standing and still scoreless after four matchdays. On Sunday (21h00 CET), Depor’s hosts at the Riazor another team in troubles: Villarreal FC. The yellow submarine lost at home against Real Madrid (0-2) and is penultimate with only two points in two matches.

Xérez: Renan - Francis, Leandro Gioda, David Prieto, Mendoza, - Carlos Calvo (Maldonado 72’), Vicente Moreno (Armenteros 46’), Abel (Viqueira 46’), Momo - Víctor Sánchez, Bermejo.
Deportivo: Aranzubia – Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Colotto, Filipe Luis - Pablo Álvarez, Sergio, Juca, Guardado (Iván Pérez 82’) – Lassad (Antonio Tomás 63’), Adrián (Riki 72’).
Goals: 0-1: (26’) Juca, 0-2: (71’) Gioda (o.g.), 0-3: (78’) Riki
Referee: Alfonso Pérez Burrull. He showed yellow card to Juca (27’), Moreno (41’)
Venue: Chapín
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Total shots (8 - 13); Shots on target (3 – 4); Saves by the keepers (2 - 4); Corner-kicks (5 - 9); Offsides (2 - 5); Fouls committed (12 -13); Accuracy in the passes (78.84% - 77.99%)




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