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25 Sep 2009
The papers agreed to point out that Depor didn’t need too much in order to pick up the three points at the Chapín stadium; the effectiveness in set-pieces was applauded, but the quality of the game still in doubt.

La Opinión A Coruńa: Efectiveness with a makeup. Five modifications in the starting lineup compared to the first liga games gave to Deportivo a look not too different from the one shown in this start of season. The team improves in the stationary plays, but the squad of Miguel Angel Lotina, in a general sense, and especially in the second part, was more inspired in the defensive contention than in the offensive creation. Better the strength and consistency than the talent and inventiveness.

Deportivo gave the ball to a needed Xérez, a team that was imprecise and more desperate, especially when it was winning just by 0-1 and the locals tested the safety of the Blanquiazul goal. After this, the Galician team was lucky enough in the middle of the intermittent harassment of the Andalusian team, and in the end it sealed the win by giving the impression that Xérez is a guest too green for the demands of Primera Division, where custom and experience, those shown by a much more mature Depor, are enough to undermine any good intentions.

Juca, one of the most questioned players in this start of la liga, was playing alongside a Sergio that was more creative than Juan Rodriguez, who moved the ball from midfield in search of the wings, sector that, by contrast, still jammed at the moment of entering with the ball to the local area. The presence of Sergio benefited Juca, who had more freedom to combine with the partner best placed, also to have a bit more of offensive moves, especially after Antonio Tomas made his debut on the season moving the Brazilian a few meters ahead. In addition, he scored a goal, which brings him the needed confidence in his first steps as a Deportivo player. Then Sergio hid in the second half, although his obscure work served to see the team maintaining that tactic consistency at midfield.

Lassad and Adrian coincided since the beginning, players that Lotina praises with words and that in Jerez occupied the functions that before were for Valerón and Riki. But the starting duo in attack was observed at a long distance, without the needed contact and understanding and with a very poor importance up front. The Frenchman was replaced with a few meters traveled on his boots. The Asturian bothered the local team a little bit more, but without fluency in his game. At defense Colotto and Manuel Pablo sweated for the first time on this year wearing Depor’s shirt, the reappearance of the Canarian gave vitality to the right wing, where Pablo Alvarez ran with dynamic though also with low stability. The Asturian is all will, which isn’t translated into clarity. R. D. R.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor abuses of a rookie; The Galician side left the negligence in the north. In the south it was planted in the field with a very different attitude. First it heard what the local rookies have to said, which was almost nothing, except for a couple of distant shots and two attacks of Momo that ended as soon as Manuel Pablo took his measure. With seven men behind the ball, as Ziganda’s team did too, little can be done. Lotina’s team, secured on defense, with the lines so stuck like butter on toast, asphyxiated the game of the locals. Just Adrian and Lassad were absent, and that’s why Depor didn’t have depth and the game was, until that point, a dead fight… until the goal arrived.

Except for Lotina, Juca had not convinced anyone in the first three games. In Jerez, he was playing at ease from the beginning, perhaps because the rival’s midfielders were stuck to the central defenders, something that left him the space to maneuver and also to Sergio. ‘The Bomber’, as he was called in Belgrade, warned with a curled shot that went to the right of the goal (min 20). Five minutes later, Filipe was tackled in the right corner of the rival’s area. Juca took the ball and repeated the gesture that he practices at Abegondo after each training, which he has perfected watching videos of Zico. If a spider lived in the top right corner of Renan, we can assume is dead now.

Without having done much more than a good containment, Depor was leading in the scoresheet. The goal left Ziganda and Xérez troubled, and the coach saw the things so crude that he sent two players to warm up. He was missing someone capable of changing the pace of the game. He didn’t send the changes until the break: the chosen one was Viqueira. The local coach sat two of his three pivotes and introduced the former Deportivo player and the striker Armenteros. From a 4-1-2-2-1 he passed into a 4-4-2. Soon the results were seen: a pass of Viqueira to Armenteros finished with a crossed shot (min 48). Carlos Calvo (min 51) and Bermejo’s headers (min 58) also put the "Uy!" at the stands.

Xérez squeezed, and Lotina pulled the blanket: Lassad out, Tomás in. The aim was to form a 4-5-1. Bermejo found a hole in the wall to place a left-footer (min 68) that the crossbar and Aranzubia repelled. Two minutes later, the misfortune hit Xérez again when Leandro scored an own goal in a corner kick of Juca, something that killed the game. It was the third own goal in four games for Xérez. Riki just went out to put the icing. Rubén Ventureira.

AS: In the absence of football, strategy. Deportivo was passing an exam in Jerez, and the first course was the attitude. Lotina’s men passed the test over the hideous lawn of Chapin, almost unworthy of Primera. The central defenders contained the attacks of Bermejo, a tank that strikes even from the ground. The midfielders gained fluency with Sergio and shielded when Antonio Tomás entered to the pitch (good reading of the game by Lotina). Hence the doubts begin. Adrian and Lassad did not have their night, it might happen, but these two young rough diamonds must know that in order to be a gem, they must be polished, and that starts by biting the rival, pressing and leaving the soul on the pitch. Riki, goal and dedication aside, did more than both of them together in just twenty minutes.

Another test was the flow of the game, something missed in action since the visit to the Bernabéu. Depor didn’t pass this test, because it only moved the match when it was already sentenced. However, the final result is outstanding, because in the absence of football, the Blanquiazul side got the maximum benefit through the strategic plays conducted by a genius Juca. The Brazilian broke the deadlock with a great goal that could have been scored by the same Juninho Pernambucano. Then from the corner, it provoked the other two goals that killed Xérez. He is not Lampard, but surely will give many joys to Depor on this year. Like Aranzubía, who pulled out a miraculous hand that reminds that the keepers (some of them) are also able to add the points. Luis De La Cruz.

Diario de Jerez: Symptoms of deterioration: Ziganda zero, Deportivo La Coruńa, three. Just like that, no more words can summarize what represented the second game at Chapin for Xérez. An ordeal. A torture about the game of the team, a torture tactically speaking, and a torture due to the ease with which the rivals endorse goals to Los Azulinos. Far from what the coach requested on last Tuesday, his team was a soft block, unable to give a bad kick and if that isn’t enough suffering, the only good thing since the start of the league, the good football practiced by the team, disappeared on yesterday’s match.

The Navarre coach is bent on playing with only one striker, his first mistake because Xérez doesn’t have an attacking player that by himself is capable of creating a scoring chance, and therefore to play with only one forward between defenders and pivotes means  to be drown in attack. Because when the team is approaching the area, no matter the control in midfield, there is no choice. Neither Bermejo on yesterday’s game, nor Maldonado in past occasions, have been able to beat the rival. We will have to find another solution, I guess.

Moreover, the wide area doesn’t work at all, especially when Bergantińos is off. Victor Sanchez has not improved what we already had, and indeed no one understands what his position is, because whatever it is, certainly he is not a midfielder. He works hard, but never gives a good pass and is always misplaced.  However, not everything is to blame the coach, because the team, apart from having no luck (there’s no discussion about it), has no claw or the aggressiveness shown on the past year. Worse than that, yesterday it was repeated what happened at the Bernabéu, when the team lowered its arms after the second goal. Another bad sign. Regarding the match itself, the first part was by far the worst of the season. Xérez went out sleepier than ever, and apart from being stuck as a team, it looked like a weak and hesitant squad; almost expecting to see Depor dealt a mortal blow to reassign the three points.

Anyway, it’s not that the Galician team unfurled a football from another galaxy, far from that, it was a simple team, risking too little, but that knows how to manage the tempos. It controlled the wide zone despite the theoretical superiority in midfield of Xérez, and the speed and insistence of Guardado and Filipe Luis on the left, plus the depth of Adrian and Pablo Alvarez, allowed them to reach the area of Renan with a certain danger. Its goal, however, was again the example that at Primera you don’t need too much to win the games. A direct free-kick from Juca at the 25th minute was enough for the Galicians to take the advantage. Simply that, Depor never thought to win so easily. Fran Pereira



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