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25 Sep 2009
Satisfaction after the refreshing victory in Chapín, though Lotina was worried about the performance of the team at the start of the second half. Meanwhile Juca was happy with his goal and with the performance of the team.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was satisfied with the result, but at the same time unhappy with the performance of the team during some specific moments, “We were connected since the beginning and it was noticed,  I am very happy with the first half, but not with the first fifteen minutes of the second part. We entered to the game of Xérez and we were at their mercy, we lost the ball and we should have avoided those errors. We were lucky enough to see Aranzubia avoiding the 1-1 and immediately to see Leandro scoring an own goal. Surely Xérez would have attacked us with the 1-1, but with the 0-2 everything fell down and it was easier.”

Lotina was assuring that his team gave a different impression compared to the game against Espanyol, while he was praising the defensive work of Depor, "We did not give a positive impression at the Riazor, and the fans have the right to criticize it. Now we wanted to improve some things and try other stuff through the rotations. We play again on Sunday and the people who work hard deserve a chance. In the places where the difference is minimal, I want to see how certain people can work and, above all, I am happy with the defense."

But who received the highest praise of the coach was Juca, “He has very good things and we are very content with him. Juca constantly joins the attacks, but still has to adapt to our style of playing, because we can’t adapt the team to a single player. Well, if you bring Messi maybe we can adapt the team to him –he laughs- but if not, it can’t be the other way. The quality is fundamental at Primera, we all work in a similar way and the talent is what marks the difference.”

Finally, the Basque coach was trying to be optimistic about the current situation of Xérez, club that hasn’t added a point and that still scoreless in la liga, “It’s a long competition and I haven’t seen anybody relegated on December, no matter the difference that you could have between the teams. Nobody should appoint to Xérez, because their hands could end on fire.”

From villain to hero, that’s the resume of the things lived by Juca within the last six days, because the Brazilian was pointed as one of the reasons for the defeat against Espanyol, and now he was referred as the best player against Xérez, "The goals are a merit of the whole team, the criticism always comes after a result that is not positive, not only for me, but for everyone, and we must live with that. What we have to do is to continue working and to show who we are during the games." The Brazilian said.

At the same time, the ex-Partizan midfielder was assuring that Deportivo deserved the win due to the effort done on the pitch, “We improved in all the lines, and I believe we have completed a very good game, with authority since the beginning. We had the match under control and we deserved the result. It’s true that the save of Aranzubia was a key, but in the rest we always had the control and that’s how this team must work.”

At Xérez, coach ‘Cuco’ Ziganda was feeling sorry for the defeat, "There's little to say about the meeting, it’s a very hard result. We played with a lot of pressure, especially in the first half and we haven’t pressed or played. They have been very good with the set-pieces and together with the facilities that we have given, well the result is there. Today, our people missed confidence and it’s because the results are not coming. We can only go out of this situation if we raise our heads. No sorrow or tears. The rivals are losing the respect for us and they just wait for the moment to defeat us."

Striker Antonio Ramiro ‘Antoñito’, who still out of the plans of the coach, was giving his support to Ziganda, “We are until death with the coach, what we must do is to carry out with this situation. The one with the chance to play must bring his best effort. We knew that this could happen. We are talking of 38 matchdays and this Xérez must be saved, though it won’t be easy. We must fight and think of the 42 points. I’m convinced this team can achieve the permanence.”





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