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26 Sep 2009
The goal of Juca against Xérez CD meant the first free-kick goal in liga for Deportivo after two and a half years, the previous one was scored by Iago. The Brazilian midfielder has been in the spotlight after this conquer.

It was April 8th, 2007, Deportivo was near to end the liga season 2007/2008 and the coach of the team was Joaquin Caparrós, Depor was visiting the Cathedral in order to face Athletic Bilbao and the Galician side clinched the three points thanks to a free-kick goal from Iago Iglesias (1-0).

Since then, Depor spent two and a half years without scoring a goal from a direct free-kick. Sergio scored once, but it was in Copa (1-1 Vs Espanyol), while Lafita scored in the same way on the past season against Malaga, but the goal was registered as an own goal of keeper Goitia after he committed an error stopping the drilling shot of the winger.

The arrival of Juca to Deportivo was understood as a good possibility to regain the legacy of the Brazilian players at Depor, like the cases of Djalminha and Rivaldo, who were masters in the art of taking a direct free-kick. Those hopes started to become reality after the ex-Partizan midfielder, nicknamed ‘The Bomber’ when he was there, scored a sensational free-kick goal during the 2-2 pre-season draw with Olympique Lyon.

The true is that the Brazilian works hard everyday in order to train the free-kicks, each day he stays on the pitch after the training sessions and practices the free-kicks using a barrier of metal that simulates three players standing in front of the ball. Juca also admits that he studies the videos of Zico in order to learn his technique, as he revealed to La Voz de Galicia, “I have his videos and I watch them in order to learn.”

But the free-kick goal of Juca isn’t a coincidence, is just part of the strategy of Lotina regardless to the set-pieces. Actually, four of the eight goals scored by Depor on the present liga season were conquered in a set-piece that was taken by Juca. The first one was the header of Riki against Real Madrid and the other three were the goals scored against Xérez CD on Wednesday.

It called the attention that the second and third goal against Xérez were scored after a corner-kick action, also to remember that Depor was close to tie the game against Espanyol after Lassad headed a corner of the same Juca, in all those three actions the coincidence was that the ball was sent to the second post, “Because we wanted to confuse the keeper between going out for the ball or not, in the end it was perfect” Juca said about these actions.

Second coach, José Luis Ribera, said to La Voz de Galicia that the coaching staff planned these actions during the week, the idea was to strike with four players searching for the ball –Adrián, Pablo Álvarez, Lopo and Colotto- “When you throw a corner-kick, you indicate to the shooter where the ball must go, and which must be the movements of the players inside the area.” Ribera said to La Voz.

Depor’s second coach also assured that his team will keep practicing this kind of actions, “If the corner and free-kicks are correctly taken, then you have more possibilities to score a goal. We have guessed right and we also were fortunate. This thing comes fro streaks, but you need to work on it in order to take advantage of the chances.”



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