26 Sep 2009
Midfielder Juliano Roberto Antonello ‘Juca’ had a personal interview with newspaper Xornal de Galicia, the Brazilian revealed some personal issues about his life in La Coruña.

A: Q: How is Juca outside the pitch?
A: I am a very homely and quiet. I spent most of my free time at home, resting and watching movies.

Q: Which one do you like the most?
A: Troy.

Q: Would you recommend a book?
A: Stories of Marco Polo.

Q: What is the best gift you have received in your life?
A: I don’t know what to say. But somehow, for me, being at Deportivo is already a gift. I love to play football and that’s now my job and my lifestyle. I realize that in this sense, I’m privileged because I know there are plenty of valid players who never had the same opportunity I've had.

Q: If you weren’t a footballer, what would have happened with your life?
A: I would be a bus driver. It was my dream as a kid.

Q: The fans think that you, the footballers, live outside of reality, because you charge more than any normal worker, but how the crisis affects you?
A: Of course. We also have to act intelligently in these times and to be aware of the difficult time we are living. We know that right now there are many people who have economic difficulties and that’s living a pretty bad moment. We are normal people and can not stand aside from these problems.

Q: The players usually love the cars, what about you?
A: No. I just ask to a car to take me, nothing more.

Q: What about fashion?
A: No, I am always wearing T-shirts and jeans.

Q: When you are with the family or friends, do you often talk about politics?
A: I do not like politics. It depends on the situation, but I don’t usually have conversations about this.

Q: Do you like to cook?
A: Well, I can cook pasta (he laughs). I know it isn’t a very complicated dish. But my favorite food is rice.

Q: In what historical period would have liked to live?
A: I think I'm living the best, which is today. I had that luck.

Q: And what character do you want to look like?
A: In Brazil, Pelé, he is a reference because it goes beyond football, but I also pick the former Formula 1 driver, Ayrton Senna.

Q: Besides soccer, do you like other sports?
A: I like everything that involves a ball, especially basketball. I love watching NBA games.

Q: How would you react if they say to you that the world ends tomorrow?
A: I have two children. A seven-year-old boy and a girl who’s eleven. They live in Brazil with her mother, but we talk every day. The hardest thing about been here is to not be with them. Since I would be here and my children in Brazil, I wouldn’t have the time to travel there, then I would spend all day long on the phone talking to them.

Q: Are you married?
A: No, I'm single.

Q: Besides playing football, what else can you do?
A: Playing cards. I love playing ‘Truco’ -a Brazilian card game- but just for fun, no gambling, eh!

Q: Tell me something you would love to do.
A: Fly a plane.

Q: What is your sexual myth?
A: The true is that I don’t have one, but I like real women, an authentic person. For example, Angelina Jolie is not convincing me... I like strong women, with more flesh.

Q: Would you undress yourself for a good cause?
A: No... Well ... It depend on the cause.



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