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27 Sep 2009
On Wednesday, Antonio Tomás played his first game in five months after the hamstring problem suffered at the end of the past campaign. The Cantabrian midfielder talked to La Voz de Galicia and explained his feelings after the game.

Q: How did you feel on the pitch? Any trouble?
A: I think I was fine, I went out during difficult time on the match, they were pressing a lot, and the true is that I felt fine.

Q: Did you have any kind of fear?
A: It was on my mind before jumping into the field, but I had no fear when I touched the ball. You know these things already passed, and it was there, in the past, in the memory, but was sure it won’t happen again, that I would not re-injure myself.

Q: What did the team had against Xérez that was missed against Espanyol?
A: Maybe we had more intensity. In the other game, it seemed there was no intensity at the time of putting pressure, and at Chapin we have shown that we are a good team, that we go out for the matches, even playing outside home, and we want to be up there.

Q: The rival helped a lot. Xérez was an anxious and disastrous team...
A: It achieved the promotion recently and still has to adapt to the division. Something they must do soon if they want to stay at Primera division. It’s a team that I saw with some defects, but a good team after all; they deserve respect, just like the rest of clubs at the elite.

Q: Lotina said some days ago that he didn’t have defensive midfielders in the team. That De Guzman was the only one, but that none of those who stayed have such characteristics. What type of midfielder are you?
A: The midfielders have to be defensive and offensive at the same time. We play in a zone where there is a lot of pressure, but also where the attacks are generated. That is, I don’t consider myself as offensive nor defensive, but a worker who is there to carry out with the mission assigned by the coach, which is to defend and attack.

Q: Do you have any individual goal for this season? Perhaps your first goal at Primera? At Racing B, playing in the same position as now, you scored ten in a season...
Q: Yes, it was like that. But for now, my main goal is to take the match fitness now that I am fine; I just want to play games continuously.



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