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01 Oct 2009
Juliano Roberto Antonello ‘Juca’ has been on the spotlight alter scoring two goals from free-kicks, he talked to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña about his skills in set-pieces and also about his injury suffered against Villarreal.

Against Villarreal you went out diminished, and you paid the price. Any regrets?
A: I would say it was irresponsible to have played the match. It was better not to play, because I was feeling pain. It was good for the goal, but if I don’t score and go out after seventeen minutes, the coach would have cut my head (he laughs).

Q: What you did, risking so much, was it a demonstration of commitment?
A: I always think about playing and I think my team mates, living a similar situation, would do the same. We all want to play and that's good. We have a squad that’s very competitive. Most importantly, we were lucky and we won.

Q: If the match against Villarreal were today, would you make the same decision again?
A: I do not know. With the pain I have, honestly, I would think it more carefully.

Q: Two and half years without anyone at Depor scoring from a free-kick; and you scored two in four days...
A: Well, we were lucky and competent to put the ball there. I always say that the credit belongs to the whole team.

Q: Your compatriots Bebeto, Rivaldo, Djalminha and Donato are other great free-kick takers who have gone through the Riazor. Did you take note of any of them?
A: Well, mostly I watched the videos of Zico. I liked how he hits the ball, despite being a little different to me. He always threw the ball in the same way and I also try to do it like him, both in training and during the matches.

Q: And how's that way to hit the ball that’s giving you so good results?
A: I like hitting the ball strong to see it climbing as it leaves the ground; then it goes down quickly before reaching the goal. Many times it goes very high, but when it goes well, the goals are pretty.
Q: Do you really not consider yourself a specialist?
A: No. To call me a specialist for having scored two goals means too much. I don’t have that ambition, but I work hard in that aspect, because today it defines the matches. The coach also insists on the set-pieces. I'm happy to help the team. I always tried to train the free-kicks, and scored many goals, mainly in Botafogo, then slightly less at Partizan.

Q: That's why they called you “O Bombardeiro”.
A: I'm not a bomber. That's too much, an affectionate joke of the fans at Partizan. Two months after arriving to the club, they were already calling me like that, and it was something that made me very happy.

Q: Do you like that nickname?
A: I don’t know. For me it’s indifferent. I don’t mind.

Q: Are you surprised to watch Depor so high in the table?
A: Not surprising at all. We have a good team and could be better if it was it for the match against Espanyol. I noticed since the beginning that we have a good group, not just eleven players. Depor have qualities players to be up in the standings.



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